Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

sean wanted a less girly header and a more
"gender neutral" header.
also, i just got bored and think that this is a
 little more christmasy.
even though it's not really christmasy at all.
sean wanted me to add a little christmas tree icon
into it, but i pretended like i couldn't hear him say that.

this picture was taken a year ago!
right after we got engaged.

i am thankful for a lot of things today.
i know today is going to be much better.
it's kinda been a downer month.
but i know things could always be worse.
i have high hopes for december.
i get to be with family today.

eat way too much good food.
homemade and restaurant style ;)
we are headed to sean's side first,
then my family is goin to Mimi's cafe for dinner.
sure beats that one year we had Chuck-a-rama!

anyway, sean is playing football on the xbox,
and i am thinking of going back to bed.
i hope you all have a great thanksgiving!


Sam said...

happy thanksgiving! mimi's cafe.. yum! we usually go out to eat on thanksgiving after we go see a movie.. but this year we are going to my aunts for turkey and such. i'm usually not a fan of traditional thanksgiving food, but this year it sounds wonderful!!

Stacey said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Chloe! Hooray for family to spend it with! Sorry you've had a crappy month - here's hoping December is better!

anna said...

happy thanksgiving chloe. glad you are back. ignore the haters. you are awesome!

my name is lauren. said...

happy thanksgving chlo!

i love that your family goes out to dinner....i thought mine was the only family who did that....although we're not this year. mimi's cafe is delish!

p.s. i like the non-gender neutral header :).

grant + brittany said...

How cute is sean seriously? But also HOW CUTE ARE YOU always? i love you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Cute pic!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

courtney said...

cute header! i like it a lot. happy thanksgiving!!

Shannon Murphy said...

aww how sweet! Happy Thanksgiving Chloe and Sean!

Selma said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chloe and Sean!!
Miss your old header, but love this one!!! Good "neutral" choice.
Yay for dinner at Mimi's cafe!!!

olivia rae said...

you guys are sooo cute. hope you had the best holiday!! i love your new header a LOT! xoxo

olivia rae said...

you guys are sooo cute. hope you had the best holiday!! i love your new header a LOT! xoxo

mart and lu said...

meeting in the middle. mart and i work through that every single day. but it is just so sweet. you both are so sweet!

Michael & Mindy said...

cute new header! I love it. i don't even know how you did it?? i hope your thanksgiving was fun. and yes, we definitely need to hang out. you know i'm up for it and always available. uh...who text monsters you every day asking you to hang out?? srsly.

Michael & Mindy said...

oh. and CUTE picture from last year. and cute header. but i think i already said that?? you guys are the cutest couple. i'm being serious right now.