Wednesday, November 25, 2009


didn't start off amazing..
but maddie brought me a chai.
so that made me happy.
i was trying so hard to stay positive.
work was so busy, and it seemed like everything
was going wrong.
my oral herpes flared up.
then, my work ordered lunch.
awesome right?
well someone ate mine
before i had a chance to get away from my desk.

but none of it matters.
because this made me feel better.
i know, i don't deserve him.
but he is stuck with me.

{fyi: don't say anything about my mean commenter in the comments.
it just fuels him. he has gone to one of my friends pages now and
started to harass her. that is not fair and i don't want anyone else to have
to deal with him. i am moderating comments
now, so his will not be published. lets just ignore this ever happened.
oh and i am aware he will probably say something about this.
for someone that goes out of their way to find people's
caches on google after they have gone private?
i would say that is stalking.  i don't want him bothering any of you guys.
thanks for all your support.}