Friday, November 27, 2009


today has been a pretty good day. sean woke up early to go and cut up all of the wood from the tree that got cut down last week. i chilled in bed most of the day and watched about 20 episodes of say yes to the dress. we decided to go to lunch at the new place in town called Pizza Pie Cafe. it was so amazing. it was $6.49 for all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad bar. they also had 6 kinds of dessert pizza. i may or may not have had 4 out of the six. seriously? you try deciding out of cookie dough pizza, oreo pizza, cinnamon swirl pizza, and 3 kinds of cobbler pizza. it was really good.

then we went and saw Fantastic Mr. Fox and had some ice cream at this cool ice cream shop. you basically fill a cup with whatever you want, and then they weigh it and charge you per ounce. well for the 2 of us it was $10.00 even. i bet $8.00 of it was mine. i had gummy bears, butterfinger, candy bar mix, caramel, hot caramel, hot fudge, oh and ice cream. sean got fruit. and then added chocolate chips. (weird) anyway, it was pretty good but i can see myself easily getting out of control there.

we came home tonight and sean told me that he was ready to lay in his "corner" of the bed. i started to sing to him that song from the real cinderella movie, not the cartoon one. "in my own little corner in my own little chair, i can be whoever i want to be..." he told me that there was no such thing as that movie, but i promise it is real! has anyone else seen it? did i just dream about it one time or something? and if so, should i start writing songs? anyway after i sang my solo, i asked him what that was supposed to mean. we have a queen size bed, isn't that big enough? well apparently i hog the bed. which i don't believe. except maybe lately i would agree.

i embarrassingly hurt my right shoulder 2 weeks ago while trying to unzip a dress. i was too stubborn to ask for help, and even heard my shoulder make a noise that it shouldn't as i overextended it. i should have known better, seeing as i have had shoulder surgery before. anyway, it still has really been bothering me and it hurts to lay on my opposite shoulder. when it is just hanging there? it really hurts. so i have to sleep on my right side. (the side that is hurt) well i sleep on the left side of the bed if you are laying in it. sean sleeps on the right. when i lay on my right side, "apparently" i bring my knees up and sean doesn't have a lot of room. also, i move around a lot because i can't get comfortable and my arm throbbing keeps waking me up. also, "apparently" when i get up to go to the bathroom 6 times a night, i do not gracefully get back into bed. this is "apparently" why sean was up at 6 am and couldn't go back to sleep. pshhh. we have been married for almost 9 months now and he decides to now tell me that i am not fun to share a bed with? i suggested separate beds. but i don't know if we are quite old enough for that yet. bunk beds might be kind of cool? i always wanted a bunk bed.

i shared a bed with my twin until we were like 12. then i shared one with my little brother because he was scared to sleep alone. i would like to think that i am great sleep partner. sean is asleep right now. just laying in his own little corner. he is snoring. and he keeps nudging my leg. and he still has football turned on. and i am the one who makes it so he can't sleep?

anyway, tonight i decided to secure my arm against my body so that i can lay on my left side and my right arm won't just hang there. i used a scarf. i feel like i'm being incredibly resourceful and courteous by doing this. except for that i am not ready to go to bed yet. and it only hurts me when i am sleeping.

also? my face is a mess right now. i have a huge zit on my forehead. sean couldn't stop staring at it last night. i was trying to have a semi-serious conversation with him, and he kept looking above my eyes. i couldn't figure it out. then i remembered that i had my bangs pinned back. then i remembered the zit. i said, "you are staring at it. aren't you?" he couldn't deny it. anyway, i kept talking and he kept looking at it. he kept saying. "well it just looks like it really hurts!" i finally just stopped talking. then i remembered why i am glad i got bangs. they hide half of my face. i think i might keep these bangs for a while.

maybe i should have gotten bangs in high school.

the other day sean and i were invited to a peruvian dinner by a family that his parents knew. it was a very nice dinner. we got to try some new, interesting food. some of the names scared me a little bit. like this one plate? it was called cowza. surprisingly it is made with chicken and potatoes. it was pretty good. the only thing that i didn't like about this? was then when we came home, we smelled... different. 

sean said, "why don't you get in the shower?"

i said. "guhh. i already showered yesterday."

then he said, "who are you??"

i don't really know what he meant by that. oh well.

i decided to shower in the morning. and then at work they made waffles and bacon for breakfast. as much as i love those things? i do not like when the smell clings to my hair for the rest of the day. oh well, things worked out, and we smell okay now. am i the only one who doesn't love smelling like cooked food? maybe that is why i don't cook. baking? now that doesn't make you smell. and even if it did? i am okay with smelling like pumpkin cookies, or brownies. i once bought a sugar cookie lotion from bath and body works. i thought it tasted better than it worked though.

now i am watching Aladdin on disney. i am kind of annoyed though. why doesn't Aladdin have nipples?

also, have you ever seen this? hahahaha. he was on American Idol a few years ago. he sings the male and female part in this song. i have to admit, he is very talented! he has a bunch of fun videos on youtube.


my name is lauren. said...

what? how could aladdin not have nipples? i really wish i had the movie so i could investigate this myself.

sorry about the zit. bangs are great for hiding them, although i also suspect that the bangs and all the greasiness they entail may also possibly be the cause for said least in my case.

also...i hate food smell. i categorically refuse to cook bacon. i think i maybe cooked it once in the almost 2 years we've been married, but i seriously hate bacon hair. ugh. bacon hair + not liking to shower often = smelly hair. i may or may not have resorted to spraying perfume in my hair to cover up the bacon-ness......

ooooh....and i totally wanted to see mr. fantastic fox tonight, but we saw law abiding citizen instead. kind of messed up, but intriguing. how was mr. fox?

sorry about your shoulder. hope it feels better soon!

wow.....this is a super long comment. i think i may end this now before i start rambling awkwardly via type. oh wait....maybe that already just happened... maybe.

my name is lauren. said...

p.s. your ring is super pretty. i don't think i've ever seen it close up like that.

my name is lauren. said...

ok....p.p.s. (i'm being the annoying commenter with a million comments).

you must've just added the video part of this. this guy is amazing! he's like a train wreck i just can't quit watching. it's so bizarre, but he is seriously talented. perfect for disney would save them $ not having to pay for a male and female singer :).

my name is lauren. said...

i completely agree with the apparent lack of understanding men have for the time consuming process of showering. especially craig since he doesn't even have any hair w/ it shaved. they need to get with the program. i always pull the "it's not healthy to wash your hair all the time!" it's usually a fail.

also....not liking will ferrell movies is super sad. who do you watch them with???? i don't think craig LOVES will ferrell the same way i do, but he'll watch the movies and laugh with/at me. whatever works.

i love that we're totally having a conversation via blog comments.

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

I've heard that guy before and I TOTALLY love him.

Funny how you have a huge zit, because I do too, and boyfriend was making fun. it hurts horribly bad. I should get bangs too!! Sorry about the cold sores, I get them too and they are HORRIBLE.

and the shoulder OUT, but its a good thing you have that handy dandy scarf sling! :)

xoxo have a good night.

Allie Garcia said...

cinderella song? totally exists. totally the song from the actual, original musical. maybe get some masking tape to divide the bed? kidding. lately ive saved your blog for last, because its totally my favorite.

olivia rae said...

hahahah omg i'm dying. i read this while i was still in bed groggy this morning and i was dying laughing. how are you soooo funny?1!! ok, that cinderalla movie is amazing! i watched it 2000 times when i was little. the rodgers and hammerstein version.. with tyra banks or that girl who reminds me of her. i still own it! i may just have to watch it later... and even though aladdin may not have nipples he is still gorgeous!!

Jenni said...

haha i TOTALLY remember that movie!!! IT was a melting pot of racial equality with Cinderella played by Brandy, an asian actor playing the prince, whoppi goldberg playing the queen, a british white actor playing the king, and whitney houston playing the fairy godmother! haha, leave it to Disney for a british guy and a black woman to have an asian baby! :) "It's a small world after all"

haha, I always wondered that about Aladdin too!!! And, I think if Princess Jasmine were that skinny they would have to remove a few ribs!!!

Spencer says I hog the bed too...but I just say he's a light sleeper and he hogs the I have to get closer to him to get the covers back...sooooo really it's all hsi fault, right?

Stacey said...

I SO want to go to that pizza place! I'm actually very impressed that you only ate 4 of the 6 dessert pizzas - I'm pretty sure I would have tried them all. Then I would have gone home and laid on the bed, moaning and holding my stomach in pain for an hour, like I usually do when I eat too much.

Josh says I hog the bed too. I thought a queen sized bed would be big enough for both of us, but maybe we need a king size :)

Also, I totally know what Cinderella movie you're talking about.

Selma said...

The video is fun! Crazy voice of his! ;) And I do have to admit now that I have bangs and love them because it is so easy to hind unwanted things on my face that way!!! Zits are bad. They just think they can appear whenever it's least appropriate. Oh well. :( And I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder...hope the pain's all gone by next week!!!!! Fingers crossed for ya. The scarf thingy does look chic though. :)
Happy Saturday.

P.s. you're welcome. ;) ya know what i mean. so agree on the ring! beautiful!!! :D

stuartandbrittney said...

I totally remember that song. That Cinderella rocked, it does have Brandy in it after all. Oh and Jason Alexander? Anyways, you are gorgeous which is kind of unfair.

Mary said...

you are not even making up that Cinderella movie. its pretty much my favorite.
oh and nick pitera is hilarious!

Sam said...

i remember watching that cinderella movie starring brandy! and i loved that song.. and i HATE when I smell like food. It disgusts me to no end. Especially when we would eat at El Maguey because you couldn't get the mexican smell off even if you showered! UGH SO GROSS!

courtney said...

hahaha that video is sort of hilarious! very impressive though.

i get mad at drew for not staying on his side of the bed. but he thinks that because he is bigger than me he should get more of the bed. what?!

Maddie said...

this guy kills me haha. that pizza pie cafe was good! me and jeremy were pleased! you comin for poker tonight??

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

Ok first, those dessert pizzas sound really yummy...I don't know if I'd have the willpower to stop at four!:) Too bad there's no pizza place like that in Bountiful.

Second, Shane HATES sharing a bed with me! Haha. We too have a queen size which seems plenty big but apparently I move around too much. Or I wack him with my ginormous body pillow. Sometimes I do just to get a laugh.:) But that really stinks about your shoulder! Dang, hopefully it starts feeling better! (I am also too stubborn and always try to unzip my own dresses. haha)

Zits SUCK! I have like three big ones! And they just won't go away but my head's to small for bangs. So what can ya do?

I used to have the Aladdin too was nipple-less. Wierd.

And last but not least, we used to live in apartments with foreigners beneath us. Our whole apartment and ourselves always reeked of curry. Yummy to eat but the smell is awful!

Sorry for the crazy long comment! I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Love that picture when you were just engaged--presh!:)

Michael & Mindy said...

i had like 9000 things to comment about. now i can think of zero.

was the ice cream place hello yogurt? because that is the only one i know of like that. but if there is another one you should feel me in. and i'm not sure how i feel about pizza buffet? i am not really into buffets. chuck-up-arama anyone?

i would rather die than smell like bacon. sick. i had this friend in high school who always smelled like oil. like he had been frying his dinner. it was so gross. i refuse to cook things like bacon or cream of broccoli soup if i know i'm going somewhere afterwards. or sausage. that's a bad one to smell like.]

usually when i get on to check blogs i look for yours first to see if you've updated. srsly. because it's my favorite. but sometimes, like today, i read the other ones first and save yours for last because it's my favorite. i used to do that when my friends were on missions. if i got 2 letters in one day (this happened maybe twice) i would read the one i cared less about first. so i would be more excited for the better one. or something like that. anyway. i do that with your blog. sometimes.

comment #16? i feel like one of a million. not one in a million. one OF a million. good thing i know i am your favorite commenter. ha.

Staci T said...

The Cinderella that you saw Chloe was not the one with Brandy in it. It was the original Rogers and Hamerstein musical with Leslie Ann Warren as Cinderella and Ginger Rogers as the queen. It was the one I watched as a child and a million times better than the Brandy version. It was my favorite so I wanted it be your favorite. I'm glad you remember it:)

Allison said...

Haha- you totally were not making Cinderella the real movie up, with Julie Andrews and all that good stuff! :D I love that movie. And I hope your arm feels better, poor girl.

Rachel Leigh said...

I hate smelling like food too! It is the worst feeling, I don't know exactly why.... and yet most of the time I am still too lazy to shower until the next day. :)

kayla & tyler said...

ohhh yes, I've totally seen that Cinderella. the one with Brandy??!! I used to love that song! "in my own little corner.." tell Sean that it is REAL!

samnhal said...

The Cinderella with Brandy in it? If so, you didn't make it up, unless we had the same dream....So what if you hog the bed? Apparently he can sleep in a corner of the bed, so that works, right? You are injured, he should have sympathy for your sleeping issues. I'm glad you're blog isn't all the way private anymore. I almost cried when I couldn't look at it last week.

Diana said...

ah sorry about your arm and all the uncomfortable things!

i hope you had better thanksgiving!

Nahl said...

Has anyone told you you resemble Zooey Deschanel?