Sunday, November 15, 2009

bad to great.

broken clutch?  $702
broken fly wheel? i don't even know.
 catalytic converter?  $200
inspection?   $ 55
oil change?   $42
registration? $107
plus stupid taxes? who knows..

add in a mean comment,
a stressful new work job,  and
a very negative, grumpy, mean, sad, PMS'y, ate enough 
to feed a large country chloe?


this guy still smiling.
more like...

who is he?
i swear i married the reincarnated 
Gahndi or Mother Theresa.
(they are both dead, right?)
mixed with a little bit of Ellen,
 and Martha Stewart.
throw in some macho guy so Sean feels better.
and a touch of Jesus.

sean was very sweet to me this weekend.
not that he isn't all the time.
but, he deserves an award for putting up with me this 
past week, and not divorcing me.

and even he if wanted to?
he didn't say it to my face.
and maybe he filed for divorce..
but he didn't make me sign any papers.
and even if he forged my signature?
it was still nice of him to not make me do that.
(he knows how much i hate signing stuff)

and he made me smile.
because i had refused to all week.
because i am a pathetic biotch.

this weekend was very relaxed and low-key.
we didn't do much. 
but we did take our babies (cinemark cups) to the mall,
just in case we went to a movie.
is it sad or awesome that they both
fit into my already over crowded purse?
i'm gonna with awesome.

we didn't even go to the movie. and mcdonald's
only charge .39 to fill up my cup.

earlier i got a pedicure...
with a gift card that sean won at a work party.
and i had a wonderful lunch with my family.
i took an amazing nap.
and at a lot of yummy pumpkin cupcakes.

it was a horrible week.
but it was a really great weekend.
thank you everyone..
for putting up with me.

you all rock.
and i feel blessed.
but also, you just all rock.

it is now 1 am.
sean is snoring, and i am watching wedding singer.

life is good.


Sam said...

i'm glad your weekend has been good! i wonder if all mcdonalds only charge that much if you have a cup already.. i may have to test this. and you and sean have perfect teeth.

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Glad its good!!! I got a pedicure too, yay!! Those pics are adorable, you are hilarious with your cup & so pRetty :D

Love the wedding singerrrrr.


*Lesli* said...

I'm glad your weekend was a good one. It's not even over yet! You have all day! My weekend was fabulous too and we didn't do anything! Last weekend was way to hectic and left me especially grouchy for Monday morning. Right now I'm sitting in bed in my pj's laughing at your cinemark cups.

my name is lauren. said...

i pretty much love you a lot.

i'm glad you and sean had a good weekend together. you deserved it after a crappy week. low key weekends are my favorite...they always make a crap week so much better.

p.s. cinemark cups in an already crowded purse = awesome.

Allison said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! :D

Stacey said...

I like reading you gush about your husband. It's sweet :) Sweet husbands make even the crappiest days better.

Maddie said...

glad things are better chlo! sorry about sucky weeks. i guess we all have to have them once in a while to make us realize how awesome life NORMALLY is eh? hope you guys are having a fun sunday! you better go to church today, to avoid being cursed again hehe.

Randi Lee said...

aww, you guys are too cute!!

Michael & Mindy said...

Such a cute post. You are seriously multi-talented to be blogging and watching a movie. I would be totally distracted and would start typing movie lines.

You guys are so cute. I love the pictures. You look cute. Not that you usually don't? And not that I even know what you look like in real life? Lame. Which makes me wonder how you were in my dream...twice. Last night you and Michael and Sean and a bunch of couple friends went to Maine without me. You and Michael were BFs. You all just went to Maine without me. Your parents had another house there with all these secret room and pools and special magical places and stuff. SO I jumped in our tiny, crapppy commuter car and came to find you. You were all swimming and Michael came and talked to me for like 5 minutes and then ushered me on my way and wouldn't even walk me to the car because he didn't want you and Sean to think he was a wuss/sucker/softy. How rude. Who did I marry?? And why did it only take me like 10 minutes to drive to Maine? Shouldn't that be like a week-long drive or something? And why Maine? Of all the places to go? Maine?? If you guys are gonna pick lame places like that to vaca maybe I don't want to be BFs with you and Michael.

kels&murr said...

what was it about this week? i felt the same way! you and sean remind me so much of murr and i, we have the good ol movie cups as well and love it dearly.

Jenni said...

haha, I love mystifying the boy with how much I can cram into my purse for a night at the movies. :) Sounds like you had a bit of a roller-coaster weekend! Good thing you have such a sweet guy to make you feel better!!

Anonymous said...


Shannon Murphy said...

aww this is so adorable! You guys rock! Seriously.