Friday, November 13, 2009


while i was at home making these with lee...

(which were delicious by the way)

and checking out this awesome blog
{this girl is painting her nails a different design, EVERYDAY. she is 
doing it for 365 days. AWESOME. i could never do it though}

sean was sending me pictures of his date.
trying to make me jealous, perhaps?

did it make me jealous?
no, it just made me fall even more in love with him.
i know. cheesy. but i don't care.
something about seeing him with kids really gets to me.
he is such a good uncle.

tonight, he went with me to get some ingredients for my
pumpkin cupcakes. while i was at the self checkout..
he was flirting with a little baby a few feet away.
trying to make her laugh.
when we left, he said,

"did you see that baby? she was the cutest thing
i have ever seen. she had the bluest eyes."

oh sean. such a softy! 

then he came home from his date and talked about how
when they were walking across the street, he was so 
afraid that kayla was going to trip on something and break her teeth.
or get hit by a car. or kidnapped.
he panicked when he had to take her to the bathroom.
he didn't want her to get lost.

it reminded me of the second i knew i loved him.
we were driving in his truck back in the day..
and he was talking about kayla. he calls her "Baby."
they have always had a special bond. 
when sean was in his accident, kayla was only a month old.
she would lay on his chest in the hospital.
i think it healed him.

anyway, he told me that he was a wreck when she first started
going to school. he was so worried that she wouldn't be 
able to get her lunch by herself because 
she was so little.

guys? if you want a girl to fall in love with you?
tell her something like that.
actually? if any other guy would have said that to me?
i would have been like,
"yeah...uh huh, riiiight."

anyway. this is the end of my cheesy, sappy post.
i'm a little hormonal at the moment.

oh, did i mention what is even more embarrassing than buying
herpes medication?
herpes medication and birth control.
it's like,

"hey what's up? oh, you want to know
what have i been doing since high school?
well i've been busy.
 can't you tell?"


Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

bahahaha too fricking funny. i love the pics they are so sweet. send some of those cupcakes my way. im hungryyyyyyyy

my name is lauren. said...

those cupcakes look so awesome. check you out being all domestic and stuff!

i love the date pics. what a cute uncle sean is. guys hanging out with kids is truly the cutest ever. craig and i used to teach a sunday school class together when we were dating and seeing him with the little ones made me love him a bit more each sunday. i totally get hormonal when i think of stuff like that too and i'm totally feeling similarly myself. tonight i started crying while watching a youtube clip of some old people telling their love stories.

and herpes meds + birth control = super embarassing, but still funny. wanna know what else is super embarassing? when you're at dinner with your husband and he quotes this week's "office" episode ("he's from sesame street dumb ass!") super loudly and everyone in the restaurant turns around to look at you and you turn about 20 shades of red. not that i'd know that from tonight's experience or anything......

ok...thanks for listening to my embarassing story/ babbling. glad you both had good nights! happy 8 month anniversary!!!!

Stacey said...

Happy anniversary! Sean sounds super sweet. When I was younger and looking for a guy, one of the requirements on my list was that he love kids. I think that's something most girls want in a guy :) Anyway, I lucked out, because my hubby comes from a huge family of 8 kids and has 12 nieces and nephews, and he adores all of them. Yay!

Cat* said...

Great post and your pumpkin cupcakes...yum...can I have one (or two)? ;)
Have a great weekend!

my name is lauren. said...

p.s. i was looking on etsy and saw this and it kind of reminded me of you and sean.[]=tags&includes[]=title

shirah said...

CUPCAKES!! *drrools*
haha chloe looks like you are getting more domesticated ;)

Selma said...

Way too funny! And the cupcakes...looking yummy!!! :) Left something for ya on my blog. Have fun.

Happy Saturday.

Shannon Ashley said...

aww this post is the sweestest :)

Allison said...

That is SOO cute! I know- it makes me really happy when guys like kids, or do really well with kids. :D

Shannon Murphy said...

hahahaha awww! Thats so adorable and hilarious! Guys who love kids are always the best :) I completely agree!! Hooww cute!!! It's so adorable that he's so close with his niece, too!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

ohhh my hilarious!!

Jenni said...

bwahahahahahaha oh you are too funny!!! I'm glad I don't know any of the pharmacists at the place I go! It makes me think of that old grace under fire show where her friend was the pharmacist. I don't think i could handle a friend knowing that much about me!

He sounds so sweet! I haven't seen my guy around kids much but he is so sweet with our dogs. He cuddles them, loves on them and when they do something wrong he gives them a little speech about why they did something wrong and what they should have done instead. :) It's cute.

PS-Did you make the polka-dot pumpkin cupcakes? Aren't they divine??!

Michael & Mindy said...

bahaha! love that last part. classic. Those pics of Sean and his niece are too cute. Who is this lee you speak of? And why was he/she eating the muffins instead of me?? Flip!

Michele said...

I love the cupcakes. Nice job! How cute is Sean with his niece. He will make a great Dad.

Anonymous said...


Elise Halladay said...

Loved this post. It totally reminded me of my Scott. He is the same way with his niece Autumn. He is super protective of her and just totally adores her. We are even taking her to Disneyland with us in December! Pretty cute