Sunday, November 15, 2009

behold, a masterpiece.

so tonight, i had a craving for chocolate.
i know, what else is new?
so i made one of my favorite cookies...

{chewy chocolate with peanut butter chips}

but then i was reminded of a dream i had while taking
a nap yesterday. yes, i dream about food A LOT.

in my dream, i invented this new peanut butter frosting.
so today, i tried to make it...

and i ended up with peanut butter oreos! 
since nabisco stopped making them,
i had gone into a deep depression.
i am convinced that is why i had this dream.
to make the world a better place, with peanut butter oreos.
guess i will have to make my own from now on.
don't ask for the frosting recipe.
i honestly just threw stuff in a bowl.
but if you decide to ask, i am sure i can figure something out.
but i can't be held responsible if they turn out bad..
also, maybe i should start learning how to cook meals or something.
or healthy food.
haha, totally joking!
i had ya there for a second, didn't i?

sean and i did some rearranging this weekend.
and we got some new drapes to cover our gross
single paned sweaty condensated window.
i know i just made up that word because my spell check put a
red line under it, but i think it is kinda cool.
 or maybe i just spelled it wrong? oh well.

p.s. there are a TON of cookies. anyone want some?

p.s.s. we are going to watch Home Alone now.
it was the first movie i ever bought on DVD back in the day.
what was the first DVD you ever purchased?

p.s.s.s. i just asked sean what the first DVD he ever bought was?
and he told me he has never bought one before. WTF.
good to know that our whole movie collection was all purchased by me.
i think he should have to pay me a small fee to watch my movies.
is that going too far?


The Boob Nazi said...

ummmm THEY LOOK SO DELICIOUS! I am salivating.

Stephanie said...

i want some. they almost make me wish i lived in provo town.

Rachel Leigh said...

Those cookies look so yummy! mmmm... Your drapes/set up looks so good! Good job!

*Lesli* said...

dear would be bff if i knew you, like for real:
i want your cookies now, so you should come to iowa to bring me some. i swear it's not just corn here. also, i have crappy condensated windows too and fyi my puter put a red line under the word too but i don't care. the "drapes" look snazzy....drapes is such an old lady word but you can pull it off. lol. right now i am getting ready to watch Food Inc. I do heart me some Home Alone though. Elliott and I were just talking about it today while we were eating Taco Johns at the mall. We were trying to remember the older bro's name in the first home alone. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...hehehe. such a great movie. Enjoy your week!

ps. i'm a lazy blogger lately. i promise to have some good posts soon.

olivia rae said...

omg chloe, those look so amazing!! at cupcake my favorite one used to be our chocolate peanut butter, because the pb icing was soo good. send me some asap?? glad you had a great weekend!

Staci T said...

Maybe renting dvd's to Sean could be that second job you've been talking about getting. I want cookies. Save me some.

Michael & Mindy said...

As if you even need to ask if anyone wants any cookies. Um...hello. Here I am. Also, your living room/front room/TV room/whatever you call it looks way cute. love the curtains!

Allison said...

I'd like some cookies! They look amazing. So cool. :D

Sam said...

i dipped my first oreo into PB for the first time like 6 months ago at a friends house and it was pure bliss. those cookies look delish! <--its saying thats not a word but i know people say it.. its a redline kinda day i guess. and i can't believe he has never bought a movie! carazy. you should put a piggy bank on top of your tv and every time he wants to watch a movie he has to put a quarter in it.

Lee S. said...

First...Sean seriously?!? sigh. the rearranging. And thirdly and better be bringin' some of those deliciousness to work tomorrow!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness those look AMAZING!!! I want one!
Those curtains are gorgeous! They add such a great pop of color!
hmmm first DVD.... I think the first one I ever bought was Ever After. :)

my name is lauren. said...

those look so good!

now it's my turn to wish we were real life friends because then i could teach you to cook and you could teach me to bake cause i'm not very good at it :). first dvd was...ok...super embarassing but kind of hillarous.... carmen electra's aerobic strip tease dvds. my roommate and i bought them sort of as a joke in college and they were super dumb and not so much aerobic. we did them a couple times and then decided it was way too awkward.

Michael & Mindy said...

Seriously. I have been saying that for almost 8 years now. I am thinking of making the popcorn I've been wanting to make forever. I will make it and you guys can come over and Michael and Sean can play xbox and we can blog. Or not really, but that is what Michael thinks we will do. Or we can watch The Office. Or we can play games or something. But mostly just focus on the popcorn. Seriously though. How are you guys with games? I remember when we were first married and couples always asked us to come over and play games and I was always like, what is with the freaking games!! And now I'm always like, we should play games! We have Clue and Monopoly and some other awesome ones I'm sure. But whatever, we don't even have to do that. We can just do whatever we want. We can take your cup to McDonald's and then got the movie or something. And why am I spending all day writing down suggestions of what we can do? OOH! I know! We can pose a totally fake picnic and take pictures of ourselves laying on the blanket eating grapes. Oops. Now you might have to delete this comment.

PS, I just posted and you will be happy to know that I wrote about how I am over being bitter about nobody commenting on my blog. I'm sure you were totally stressed about it...

Allie Garcia said...

who even likes regular oreo creme? i guess everybody. but not me. im going to steal your non-recipe now. thanks for being awesome.

respekt said...

mmmmm those cookies are sounding so good right now!
i always love your entries :)

Anonymous said...

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Michele said...

You go girl! Nice cookies. The house looks great. I can't believe Sean has never bought a DVD- what planet is he from:)

nicole addison said...

ohh i love your blog lady! i just found you through our city lights and your story was soo sweet. so looking forward to reading more!

Maddie said...

if i liked cookies, i would have one! home alone is the best christmas movie. ever.

CarrieBradshaw* said...

I want those cookies more than anything in the whole world right now.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Found you through Diana/Our City Lights. You are totally adorable and I would love some cookies. Will they make it to London? I only have a CONVECTION oven here with no temp dial so please bake awesome things and make me jealous.

Shannon Murphy said...

ummmm.... YUUMM!! those look absolutely amazing!!!

Funny that you mention home alone as your first DVD, because it was the first movie I saw in theaters... and it terrified me so much I cried through the whole thing, my mom felt terrible... HA!

Children of the 90s said...

Haha, that is amazing! I love that you came up with them in a dream. They look delicious!

courtney said...

wow those look really good!! i love that you dreamt up the frosting!

Meg Fee said...

um, excuse me. i would like one of those cookies right now. i mean holy smokes, lady!!

anna said...

since your whole "write a cookbook" thing was apparently sarcasm, can i atleast get THAT recipe? those cookies look awesome. i would have eaten them all. i love cookies.

oh, and i love your blog. somehow, even cookies are funny when they are on your blog.

shirah said...

thanks chloe! :) love you too! and the yummy looking cookies you baked.
if only i lived in utah! DANG!
hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I'm hungry.