Sunday, November 29, 2009

blow up dolls.

no, it's not what you think.
this weekend we put up some christmas decorations.
we don't have very many but we are okay with that.
we will hopefully get a little more every year.
after all, this is our first christmas as a married couple!

there is a lady that lives down the street from us...
and she has over 20 huge blow up
christmas dolls/figurines on her lawn.
her entire yard is covered.
the sad or awesome thing is?
well when we moved here in march,
they were still up from last year.
they stayed up til like june.
i think if i were her? i wouldn't have even bothered
taking them down if i waited that long.

her christmas lights have been up all year.
for flag day? she has every single flag
in the whole entire world on her lawn.
and they stay up for at least a month.
along with her 5 christmas nativity scenes.
(because 4 is just not enough)
and christmas lights.
i think we are going to have to take a picture
and show you guys.

today we saw her outside with her shower cap on.
she is always wearing it.
i kinda have a feeling i might be like her when
i grow up.
i think i could be okay with that.
christmas seems to put everyone in a good mood.
so why not celebrate christmas all year long?
i think this woman is genius.
maybe a little in left field, but awesome.

i think i might make her some cookies,
so that i can see what the inside of her house looks like.
bad idea or good idea?

our names aren't really on our stockings.
this is photoshop.
someday i will glitter glue them on.
or sean will sew our names on.

our little baby tree, with no star.

okay, i tried to put a little ornament start on the top.
it's not really working out.

sean trying really hard to contain his excitement.

anyway, maybe i'll get some pictures of that lady's house this week.
hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and/or weekend!


Sam said...

i'm not a fan of the blowup decorations. we have a neighbor that puts way too many of them in her yard and my mom told me this week that she's gonna buy me a BB gun to shoot and pop them. I love my mom :)

Tolman Family said...

You look so cute in the picture by the tree! I'm totally jealous of your hair.

Jenni said...

haha I am not a huge fan of the blow-up things. Especially when they get kind of delfated and look sad.... In college some boys "found" a big orange pumpkin and stuck it at the end of our hallway in the dorms (It filled the whole thing! We took turns running at it full speed and smacking into it so we could bounce off. It was soooo much fun!!!
Your tree is so cute! We actually don't have too many ornaments on outs. We have 3 packs of glass balls I got from hallmark at the after christmas sales about 3 years ago. They were about 75% off and then Spencer and I got some crackled glass balls last year at Target at a big time discount! So we have those. :) I think this year we're going to buy garland and outdoor christmas lights after christmas. The discounts are just too good! :) We do have 2 years of our "special ornaments though. We buy a special one each year and hope to fill the whole thing one day with special memories. :) We actually spend almost the entire month searching for just the right ornaments. :) Every time we go in a store we try and find just the right's so much fun!

I definitly think you need to make that lady some cookies!!!!!

my name is lauren. said...

ugh! i hate those blow up christmas things! my parent's neighbor has like 6 of them in her yard. although i guess it's ok if you're old and eccentric. you totally have to take pictures. and you should also bake cookies to peek at the inside of the house. i bet it's filled to the brim with tchotchkes and stacks of old magazines dating back to the 60's. if that's what the inside looks like, then it's exactly like what my house will look like in another 40 years :).

your tree looks super cute. i love it! i also love that you said sean will sew your names on the stockings, cause i'd totally make craig do the same since i can't sew. actually...craig is the one who sewed our stockings. i think we're getting our tree next weekend & i can't wait!

also, thanks for the sweet comments on my last posts. i always get a bit nervous about putting my faith out there, cause i'm such a people pleaser and i don't want to offend anybody. also.... you could totally make silhouettes. SUPER easy!

actually.....if you send me good profile pics of you & sean, maybe i'll make you one as a little christmas pressie :). my e-mail is on my blog.... do it! oh....and also, i think you should totally move to oregon. it's great here, but it could use a good dose of chloe :).

Rachel Leigh said...

I have a dirty secret. I too have something that I kept up all year. It's a vinyl saying that I put up last Christmas, it says "it's the most wonderful time of the year." and then CHRISTMAS really big. I was just so lazy to take the time and get it off, so instead I left it up until June and finally decided to hide my laziness with a picture frame... oops. But don't worry, it's appropriate now. HA!

olivia rae said...

awww i love your little tree. you guys are the cutest! that woman sounds like a nut! take pics!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Thats kinda cool of the old lady. Heck she lived her life might as well do what she wants :)

Cute pics, I love them. I can't wait to put up a tree :) Christmas is all I think about.

you and sean are so cute together, and I love your bangs.

grant + brittany said...

we had hardly any decorations our first year too. its fun to grow together, i don't know i just really enjoy buying things that are really the both of us. decorating is really for the girls i know, but i'm not going to follow in the common footsteps of going out and buying all the christmas things that only I just love.

throughout our marriage i've learned to love more classic and masculine things because of grant. and i think he's learning (key word) to appreciate a little more color and sparkle. it will be so fun to have a home one day and look around at everything that just says US!

i'm glad you two had a great thanksgiving. you look gorgeous as usual. so you never said if you liked the mr fox movie??

jasmine said...

awwww. i love that little old lady. she's precious.

we have a little old lady in our neighborhood who sweeps her gutters ALL DAY LONG. once i saw her sweeping the gutters of the park across the street from her house. i want to buy her a new broom, tie a big red bow on it, and leave it at her house while she's sleeping.

Michael & Mindy said...

I love your tree! Mostly because it is about the same size as ours :) I am excited for you that this is your first Christmas together. Go you guys! And, definite yes on the pictures of the lady's house!

Anna said...

you two are adorable. A-DORABLE!

derek and kimber said...

yes. Please. I need to see this house. It is a must.

You are so pretty chloe!!!! Seriously, you are beautiful!

Randi Lee said...

I'm so jealous that your tree is up!!!

The Socialite said...

haha - so cute! ;) Love the baby tree!

You gotta take a picture of that lady's house, crazy neighbors always make great stories don't they?! I have a crazy neighbor in the apartment complex who was crying hysterically one night and my finace swore it was bc her pet had died. The next morning we found out that she was just drunk and somehow locked her self out crying hysterically about her cat being inside alone. Her heels and the window film were on the side walk of the apartments. :)