Thursday, October 22, 2009


last weekend we went over to
sean's sister amanda's house.
sigh. i don't know how to properly
 puncuate and structure that sentence.
just so we are all aware.
i am completely aware of the fact
that i suck at grammar.

we ate delicious white chicken chili.
we carved huge pumpkins.
okay sean did. i gave him the idea though.
and i helped my niece scrape out the pumpkin goop.
i don't know why this is underlined.
it won't let me fix it. it is pissing me off.
i don't even see an underline function in blogger.
so how the eff am i supposed to de-underline?
anyway. so now i can't remember
what i was going to say.

he is my little buddy.
he calls me "Cwowee"

the final product.
PJ stands for Pearl Jam.
sean messed up on the P.
but don't say anything about it.
it's kind of a touchy subject.


Staci T said...

So Sean, what's up with messed up "P"? Cute kids, even though the "pj" on the pumpkins makes no sense. And my daughter is extremley beautiful, so explain again about the "p"? I'm seriously worried about the "p".

The Boob Nazi said...

You were right, don't you worry.

Amanda said...

Wow Kayla looks SCAREY! Poor thing......those teeth........ We had so much fun with you guys! Hope we can do something fun again soon. :)

Michael & Mindy said...

i love your recycling pants. or whatever they are. i had something important to say about this post, but i'm not sure what it was. not like we need to worry. i'm sure i'll comment 9 more times before the day is over.

Oh. I just remembered. I want to know how to make the white chicken chili!

Rachel Leigh said...

Your mom is so cute and funny! I am so excited to carve pumpkins... It is one of my favorite things!

Randi Lee said...

hahahaha, I love the "P" ... we're going to get our pumpkin tomorrow night! YESSSS! Your niece and nephew are adorable, by the way!

olivia rae said...

hahah awwwwwwwwwww GOD you guys are adorable. i'm so jealous!!! this looks amazing and is all i want to do, but tyler and i have been so stinkin busy we haven't even gotten pumpkins!! sooo depressing!! love yours though!!


Matt said...

Ive been telling Staci she is cute and funny forever. She still only believes it if someone else tells her. So thank you Rachel.

Sean, What is up with the P! by the way I shot a 40 today, back 9 at East Bay.

Staci Rocks, Queen of the course. I mean I do, but I'm not a queen.

Michael & Mindy said...

so the popcorn is just like movie popcorn i guess. but without the extra butter. but it's totally salty and delicious. too bad your work doesn't have it. you should buy a poper and make wednesday popcorn day.

so i thought i saw you at maceys tonight. i was in the middle of trying to decide whether or not talking to you would be awkward, and then i realized it wasn't you.

Sean Collin Ashby said...

So carving that "P" was harder than it looked. The knife wasn't working too well with me. anyway...

Matt you can take your 40 and shove it...haha j/k but seriously thanks for of these days i will beat you. so consider this your warning.