Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a beautiful wedding..

last thursday, our good friends katie and mike got married. 
they were married at wheeler farm. 
it was one of the neatest weddings that i have ever been to. 
it was so beautiful, and fall like.
 outside the reception building, there was a pumpkin patch.
 they served hot cider and hawaiian haystacks. 

pictures of the new family...
katie's little girl is the cute one up in the front.
she loved making silly faces at the camera.
she reminded me of myself as a little girl.

here are sean and some of his buddies..
shane, sean, alex, and colby

sean and even more of his buddies..
i love that they are all still friends after high school.
it makes me happy.

the groom getting ready to play a song 
for his beautiful new wife...
he broke down and bawled like a baby
 when she walked down the aisle.
it was the sweetest thing i have ever seen.

...i have to admit, after all that youtube stuff
and the office episode with the walk down the aisle 
being danced to by that one song? i almost expected it to happen.
not sure if i was relieved or let down when it didn't.

on friday night a bunch of us went to see
Where The Wild Things Are
it was so much fun. i loved the movie.
this is britt and i just waitin' for the show to start!


Rachel Leigh said...

What a pretty wedding. I always wanted a fall wedding, but instead we had a summer one and it was so bloody hot!

olivia rae said...

aww that wedding is beautiful! i love that he played a song for his wife. my dad did the same thing and always says he wasn't even nervous at all about getting married, just worried about his performance! ha


ps i cannot wait to see wild things!

Lee S. said...

such a beautiful wedding...i think fall weddings rock!

grant + brittany said...

what a fun wedding. i probably would have cried watching her walk down the aisle too. because even with the youtube video of everyone dancing, when the bride finally comes in... i totally cry. every time. anyway love the pic of us! thanks for editing it, my face is fuh....REAKING out at me lately and its really annoying. i mean how am i supposed to take family pictures? ugh.

Sam said...

i love that picture of the groom with his guitar. it will be a requirement of my future husband (well, future boyfriend needs to happen first) to play the guitar.

grant + brittany said...

oh geez. whatever! i LOVE LOVE your face. please don't feel weird. you always look so pretty and so comfortable in your own skin and i really love that.

k so when i read your comment about sean dropping you or you hitting your head... i laughed out loud. and then i imagined it and laughed again.

kayla & tyler said...

I love your bangs!!

Elise Halladay said...

Ever since that Office episode i have wanted to go back in time and do that at my wedding first. It would have been amazing

Bailey said...

That wedding looks like it was beautiful, and a song? Jeez, I can't even get a date let alone a dude to sing to me lol

Michael & Mindy said...

You guys are cute. You and Britt I mean. Oh, and you and Sean are cute, too. And I wish I could go to a wedding where they bust down the aisle. If I hadn't gotten married in the temple, that's the kind of thing I would have wanted to do. I wouldn't have done it, but I would have wanted to.