Thursday, October 22, 2009

don't know what you got til it's gone.

i hate that song. 
i don't even know who sings it but it bugs me.
"paved paradise and put up a parking lot"
{*corrected from Kinzy}
or something lame like that. what is that? 
sorry, maybe i am just in a bad mood or something.

i hate posting pictures of myself. 
i don't know. it just feels weird to me. 
i didn't used to put very many pictures on here, 
mostly just really long pointless stories.
but when i thought that i lost my hard drive 
and all of the pictures on it, 
i figured it was better to be safe than sorry. 
also, this is our life,
and i will never get around to 
scrap booking. let's face it. 

tonight, me, my twin Maddie
friend Lee, and Mikki and her husband 
went out for a few hours to shoot around. 
Maddie wanted to do a twin/sister type 
photo shoot. but not a lame cheesy one.
we went to an orchard, and to some old buildings 
in downtown provo. it was really neat.  
we used some fun props and had some good laughs.

Mikki gave me the finished pictures 
from the bridal re-do's that we did 
a couple of weeks ago.
i am so grateful for all of the time 
and hard work that her and Brayden
put into taking and editing these pictures. 
they are incredible. 
i am lucky to know such great photographers.
anyway, here are the pictures. 

thank you so much Mikki, Brayden,
Maddie, and Lee. you guys are all 
so talented and amazing.
oh and don't worry about commenting anyone. 
i am not fishing for comments or anything. 
i know i have already posted like a bajillion
bridal pics. and i post ALL the time.
also, i don't know why i am posting like this.
blogger editor has been pissing me off lately.
i hate it. don't know what i'm doing wrong.

anyway,  sean and i are just chillin' 
watching the Addams Family.
our fridge is broken again and 
all of our new food went bad.
it is getting kind of depressing.
as much as i love eating out and 
not having to cook and clean up.. 
i miss our fridge. i miss the luxury of cold water 
and milk with my cereal.
my body is not loving all the grease i am eating.
my bank account is getting empty.

the things we take for granted 
while we have them.
i love you fridge. 
i am sorry for not appreciating you more.
i guess maybe that stupid song has some truth to it.
man this post turned out way more depressing 
than i intended. i blame stupid hormones.
i need to go to bed.


Sam said...

those pics are amazing! your dress is so pretty. i'm pretty sure i'm posting this comment like 20 seconds after you posted this blog. is that awkward? i check blogger too often.

The Boob Nazi said...

You're so pretty I sometimes hate you.

grant + brittany said...

so sorry about your fridge. that is no fun :( hopefully it gets fixed soon? so i just love your freckles so much. and your hair. its so healthy!!!

Maddie said...

GORGEOUS! wow, they really out did themselves, they look amazing! and you look STUNNING.
i was totally watching adams family too!

Randi Lee said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! LOVE your dress!! I hope your fridge is fixed soon!! :-/

the NEO-traditionalist said...

I think I need to appreciate my fridge more too. Brilliant idea. Let's see if it works...
XX Kate

Diana said...

yikes, sorry to hear about this!
one day we just got back from Costco, with like $400 worth of freezer stuff and refrigeratated food for the months. That night, we smelled something funny. Our fridge wasn't cold and all the food was spoiled. grrr. i know how you feel.

ok, about your dream. i kid you not, the other night i had a dream that all these bloggers were at my aunt's house, and she was throwing a pool party. probably because her house is nicer but still so bizarre.

Rachel Leigh said...

Sorry about your fridge, you can come eat at my house. We probably don't live too far away... :) And your pics are gorgeous. I am so jealous!

Kinz said...

The song really says:
"They PAVED paradise and put up a parking lot"
You know, like they poured a bunch of hot tar/rocks over a beautiful meadow that was a home to a bunch of cute little animals and beautiful flowers? And the song is by Joni Mitchell.
Love you Chloe! I'm sorry about your fridge...I think your landlords should get you a new one and pay for the food that went bad. That happened to a friend of mine and that's what they did.

Stephanie said...

we have similar wedding dresses. i think that makes us e-friends. and if not, then just carry on about your business.

Kjrsten said...

wowza! amazing! you are a bomb freaking shell! the shots of you laying down looking back at the camera, you totally look like jennifer connelly- true story!