Friday, October 2, 2009


i hope everyone is having a great friday so far! so my sister Maddie just posted the bridal pictures that she took of me the other day. after some intense but not really intense discussions, we have decided to have a little giveaway, in case anyone is interested!

i loved my first set of bridals, however, there was a lot more that i wanted to do. i wanted to wear my hair different, have a different background, and not have a lot of pressure. besides, it was very cold, Sean was very antsy, was kicking snowballs at trees and throwing sticks, and didn't want to be in a tux for long, and it was very rushed. so i am glad i got the chance to get some more pictures. don't get me wrong, i love my other ones! but it was way fun to be able to put my dress on again and be a little more crazy.

so anyway,i have decided to sponsor a giveaway! if you are interested in getting your bridals done again, for free, go ahead and enter. you will recieve a disk of 15-20 images. if you do not want to do bridals again, and want maybe a couple shoot, small family shoot, or anything else, that will work too! here are the rules:

1. go to her page and leave her a comment, letting her know you are interested and what type of pictures you are interested in.

2. start following her blog!

3. check back next Friday, October 9th. that is when we will be announcing the winner.

this give-away applies for anyone in the Utah County and Salt Lake County area.

if you are not local, we still encourage you to enter because we will also be offering a free print of one of the following pictures:

i heart rocks

coffee cup

sparkler love
sparkler love

june 11 2009 001

just specify in your comment which one you would like and which contest you want to be entered into. we will ship it anywhere in the U.S. Thanks guys!

i hope everyone has a happy friday!


Michelle said...

Chloe you look stunning! I love that you got to take do bridals a second time around. Those pictures are so natural and beautiful! Your sister is way good, and it helps that she has a gorgeous model!

The Socialite said...

wow your sister is a great photographer! You came out lovely! Work it cover girl! ;)

Hope your weekend is lovely!

@manda said...

WAHOO! What a wonderful idea. Running contest/giveaways really do help. I got a lot of business from doing them :) Maddie is amazing, Lee is amazing with her eye and you are amazing for supporting your sister and being so pretty :)

Cat* said...

Oh you are so pretty! I love the pictures and your sister is very talented.
Also a great giveaway for people who live near to you. I would definitely enter if I would live in the U.S. :)
Happy weekend darling!

grant + brittany said...

okie dokie... i'm in! hopefully i did everything right...!?

grant + brittany said...

oh also chloe you are GORGEOUS

Cat* said...

Oh you are such a sweetheart :)
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I will go and leave a comment right away!
Again a happy weekend!!! :)

Tara Long said...

What a great idea! I would have loved to do this! Some of my bridals were alright but I have never really loved them. If only I could still fit into my dress!!!! I wish so bad! I am working on it but it is slow. And geez, you are gorgeous!

Gabbi said...

Fantastic giveaway! Such a fan of Maddie and her work... though not local I would love 'sparkler love'. It's such a beautiful photo and it must've been so incredible to capture.

olivia rae said...

ooh exciting exciting! i really wish i lived closer... i'm loving that rose picture! have a great weekend chloe!!!