Sunday, October 4, 2009

proving a point

today was a great sunday. i needed it. i deep cleaned the whole entire house yesterday. why you ask? well, the other day i told sean that on friday, after work, i was going to come home and do the dishes. our house was a disaster. we have had something going on every night this week, and there were spaghetti dishes crowding the entire sink. pretty sure that a noodle winked at me the other night.

just so you all know, i made the spaghetti that sean had started but then he mysteriously had to leave to "help out some people in the ward" (i don't buy it. this is how he has to get me to cook) then i did not eat any of it because i wasn't hungry. and to prove a point.. but mostly just because i wasn't hungry. 

anyway, back to the dishes. i kind of felt like he should do them. but then i remembered that he is in school and i am just a pathetic lazy butt, so i told him i would. however, when i came home from work on friday, they were already done. sean looked at me and smiled when i noticed. 

"you punk!! i told you that i had dibs on them!" i said.

"but chloe, i didn't do them! i promise!"

"oh yeah right sean. the dishes just magically did themselves. we don't live at hogwarts you liar. not that you would even know what that is because you are too cool to watch harry potter. you break my heart."

"my mom came over and did them."

the room got incredibly silent. thunder clouds boomed in the background.

"excuse me? you let your mom in our disgusting, messy house? you had your mom do OUR dishes? you let her see the rest of the house like this? i mean i know it's no secret that i am not very good at cleaning and being domestical,(yes i made that up i think) but still? did you just come home and let her in, and just watch her do them??"

sean mumbles, "she used her key."

i didn't even know she had a copy. which for the record i have no problem with.. i just felt bad because she works so hard and he actually let her come do the dishes. i am very grateful that she did. i love you vicki! you are amazing. however, sean didn't seem to get why it might be a little bit embarrassing for me. i wanted him to do the dishes. its like the movie the break up. "i want you to want to do the dishes!" 

not that sean really should have done the dishes. sigh. i should have. i should have done them 3 days ago. but i just wanted sean to want to want to do them...

because really i just didn't want to.. and to prove a point. probably.


olivia rae said...

haha awwww! i would be so embarassed too... but i'm sure vicki was happy to do them!!

The Boob Nazi said...

I want a mother in law who does my dishes! But I'd also be embarrassed that my house was so dirty. I picked up my house when the police were coming over haha. My mother would KILL me if I had people over without my house being clean.

Ashby Family said...

Just for the record,sweet daughter, I don't care how messy your house is. I love you for who you are and for how happy you make my son. So, don't change on my account. I enjoyed doing your dishes! It makes me happy to help you when you are so busy. Don't be embarrassed please. I'll do it again if you get in a pinch and just can't get to it. I have the time! I love you! Mom AShby

Maddie said...

oh man, old dishes are the worst. i hate when you have to stick your hands in the cold, old soaking-water. bleh.

Rachel Leigh said...

We are so the same! I am terrible especially with dishes because I will decide that it is his turn and will wait it out. I hate when family shows up and we haven't done them... oh well. That sucks though, I totally understand cause I am not "domestical" either. My husband is way more that way than I am!

samnhal said...

Just hope that people don't give you a bunch of cookbooks and kitchen appliances because your husband keeps commenting about how you don't make dinner very often...yeah, that happened to me last Christmas which was just a few months after we got married. It took me a while to gain the bit of domesticness that I have now and apparently I paid the price.

Michael & Mindy said...

This is so funny. I would DIE if my mother-in-law did my dishes. I die when my own mom stops by and sees my house a mess. And Michael doesn't get it. I'm with you on this.

Oh. And I like your new header picture