Wednesday, September 2, 2009

things i love, things i don't love so much

things i love...
  • sean, sean, and more sean  (how's this for obvious, sean?)
  • puppies
  • baby elephants
  • candy
  • my baby blanket
  • rainy days
  • the office
  • sleeping in
  • cold sheets
  • tobias from arrested development
  • ellen degeneres (and not in a lesbo way)she is cute though. 
  • antique shops
  • hand-made items
  • sushi
  • sean
  • diet dr. pepper
  • movie previews
  • the smell of clean laundry
  • vacations
  • my family
  • the bachelor and bachelorette
  • the song "thunder" by Fleetwood Mac
  • melonberry avalanche snowie from summer sno
  • and everything else that i love that i didn't list.
(i wanted to title this things i loathe or hate, but i thought it seemed a little harsh. so i changed it to...)

things i don't love
as much as the things that i love...
  • tyler perry. stop making movies. and tv shows. please.
  • cotton balls. bleh. i have this fear of them being in my mouth.
  • ingrown hairs and plucking eyebrows
  • people that are turning right but don't get in the actual turn lane so you have to slow down.
  • bikers on the road. no offense if you are a biker. but i am always paranoid i am going to hit you.
  • carrot top
  • new products being ENCLOSED in unbreakable plastic. WTHECK? who came up with that idea? i think its a conspiracy theory. i think that the Band-aid corporation was like:
"hey plastic people, make your plastic really hard to get into, so people will get severely cut trying to open you. we will pay you to do that. it will help our sales."

or are the stores that sell these unbreakable plastic items are thinking, 

"if someone steals this barbie or blow-dryer, at least they will bleed to death trying to open the product. that will teach them a lesson. yeah."

what about the people who are not stealing? what about them? you should put a warning label on those things. what if a kid tries to open it? i am going to sue you if i get cut again. i'm not quite sure who to blame though. Walmart, the plastic makers, or Band-aid corp. but if it happens again, i'll find you. i can't even enjoy your product after i open it because i am trying to stop the bleeding for an hour. not acceptable.
side note: maybe you could include a band-aid with the product?
(and no i don't still buy barbies...pshhh...BRATZ Dollz4Eva)

  • when you ask for ketchup at wendy's or mcdonald's and they give you 1-2 packets. seriously? i am not a mouse k.
  • opening new cd's. i could have listened to the whole cd by the time i peel off that stupid sticky label.
  • nickleback
  • putting a new roll of toiler paper on the holder thing. everytime i have to grab a new one out of the closet in the hall, i just think "hmmm. maybe i should grab another one for back up." but then i think "umm.. i really don't want to make the extra effort to grab abother one."
  • dishes. we don't have a dishwasher and i am always thinking "well, we cooked tonight, we can do dishes tomorrow." sean and i both know that it won't get done for a few more days though. oh well. a girl can dream. oh thanks sean for doing the dishes yesterday!
  • my voicemail at work. this is what it says when i call it---"you have one new message. you have one message. new message.(then the message) talk about being redundant. i called you because i knew i had message. you don't have to tell me 3 times.
  • white car doors with black plastic handles. no offense if you have one. i just don't think i could ever own one.
  • when the people on infomercials wear a headset. we know you aren't talking to anyone on that. you are filming a commercial. it doesn't make you look cool if that's what you are going for.
anyway, enough of me ranting. my posts are too long. i am sorry. you don't have to read them. but what things do you love and not love as much as the things you love? i tag everyone to make a post about that!


Maddie said...

haha, i hate the damn voice mail chick too! also . . . does anyone else find it weird that "my baby blanket" was listed WAAAAY before "Sean?". your husband was much further down the list than i expected him to be. trouble in paradise? hehe jk

Spencer & Cara said...

So I love that you love Ellen Degneres.. because I love her... and I totally had a dream I became a lesbo with her the other night.... not even kidding? Creepy? Yes I think so, BUT if I ever were to become a lesbo... I'd totally date Ellen. hahahahaha.

Rachel Leigh said...

So funny. I think my lists would be way too long though. Especially the things I don't like. I do have to agree on the people trying to turn right and never get in the freaking lane!!!! And then the bikers...two almost hit me. yes you read that right, they almost HIT ME. It makes me mad thinking about those two things. :)

Elisa said...

so is it motorcycles or bicycles? Cause i have a huge peeve with bicyclists. The speed limit is posted on the road, if you are gonna pretend your bike is a car and "drive" it on the street then you better "drive" the freakin speed limit or get the hell off the road!! And I really don't care if I know someone who does it they should know better than to hold a million cars up behind them. Just sayin!

Sean Collin Ashby said...

you know maddie im not too concerned about the baby blanket being before me. what really concerns me is that 1. Tobias (another dude) is before me 2. i got put behind a lesbo 3. i was placed in the bottom half... which in reality puts me closer to the things that she doesn't love as much....

Anonymous said...

Okay, first off, this list in not in any specific order. Sean would be at the top of the list for sure. I even thought about listing him more than once but didn't want to seem redundant. Since that was one of the things I put in my I don't love as much as things I love section. 2nd of all, Elisa, It's bikers!! They are the worst. I hate how they try to own the road. it bugs. And Ellen rocks! But I love you the mostest Sean!

Michele said...

One thing I love is how I crack up when I read your blog. You should be a columnist for the paper. You are good! I am with you though on the people turning left- you know who you are people- get your butts over!

Anonymous said...

by bikers i mean bicyclists... i almost had a serious accident because of one the other day! ughh!

Elise Halladay said...

Ok so this is totally random and I swear I am not a stalker. You happen to know my friend and co-worker Kayla Powell! I also went to Jr High with Sean and had french with you in High School. Not sure if you remember me- I was pretty quiet. I just found your blog on Kayla's and you are both hysterical and make a great couple!
(My last name was Robinson)

Michael & Mindy said...

I was seriously laughing out loud at this post! You are hilarious. So I don't think I ever commented back to you after you first commented, but I'm so glad you did! When you confessed to looking at my blog and I looked at yours, I realized I'd visited it before! Now I can do it without feeling creepy because you know :) Oh, and so NOT creepy about how we could be friends if we were in the same ward!