Thursday, September 3, 2009

did you know...

this week has been a week of neat discoveries. Maddie and Lee wanted to try out this new place called Joe's Cafe in Orem. it was amazing. i am so glad we went. Joe is the owner and chef and is the friendliest guy you will ever meet. he is from Texas and wanted to get to know everyone's names. he plays his mo-town music and serves breakfast and lunch all day from 8-4. if you want to check it out, it is on state street in Orem by the University Mall. right where Gandolfo's used to be. best waffle i have ever had!

Joe's Cafe

we told Joe that we were going to blog about him and he said this
just like Lil'Jon. dead serious.
it was awesome.

a couple of other cool things..
Frootie Bag

i have eaten half the bag of frooties. BUT,
i discovered that there are only 360 pieces in the bag. not 500. i feel sooo much better :) what a great discovery!

the Cinemark cup!

as and avid movie-goer and soda pop addict, i often find myself spending way too much money on pop at the movies. $4.50 for a large drink? okay. they always win. but i discovered this cup they now sell at all Cinemark theatres for $5.00! it is their 25th anniversary special. you can refill it anytime for $2.50. a small drink is like $3.50. so you can save a ton of money in the long run! but if you are dishonest and probably not going to heaven like me (TOTALLY KIDDING?) then you will fill it up at the gas station before you go to the movie and walk in with it. what are they going to do? ask to search your cup? seriously. just demand a warrant or something. oh and if you don't like pop like my sister Maddie, just fill it with ice water! it's an awesome cup with a great little handle and i love it. highly recommend. i have been talking about it for days. oh, if you like popcorn, they are doing a $5.00 bucket, same type of dealio.

Creepy Shirt...
okay, Sean gave me this shirt to wear as a pajama shirt. it is creeping the crap out of me. i hate spiders. i don't know why i am wearing it.

and those are just water stains from my wet hair. oh probably don't sit over a keyboard with wet hair... just a little suggestion.

well, we are headed to Jackson Hole tomorrow! i hope you guys all have a lovely Labor Day weekend!
oh and Happy Birthday on Saturday, Mom!! I love you to pieces!!


Cat* said...

oh the waffle looks soooo good! I want one right now :)
Yeah for the frootie bag with ONLY 360 pieces, but hey you look like you could it two bags without gaining (even with 500 pieces each bag)!!!
Happy happy weekend :)

Diana said...


"you are going to BLOG ME"
I'm going to use the term, "blog me" from now on!

Michele said...

We are going to have to totally try Joe's. What a cute dude. I hope you guys have a great weekend in Jackson. Sean was so funny at work yesterday. He was so excited to go. Just like a little kid.We missed you- hope the dentist went ok. Have fun!

Michelle said...

You are going to get Joe a ton of business because now i want to go there too! That spider shirt is way creepy! I love that picture you put up, you are so funny!

The Thomas Family said...

That cup looks pretty nifty. The handle is my favorite part. I still need to go get those frooties. YUM...

Staci T said...

thanks for the birthday wishes. love you!