Tuesday, September 1, 2009


why i couldn't just get a small 
candy bar? beats me. 
i had to buy a 500 piece bag of frooties.
what is wrong with me?
i have actually eaten at least 20 more. 
and i can't confirm, but yes, that it a piece of candy in my hand in the first picture. couldn't even put it down for one second to take a picture.

 this is probably why i have cavities?

the cashier at the store asked if i was having a party or something. i was like, if you still consider it a party if i am the only one there. then yes. i am so having a party. 

it's gonna be awesome.


The Boob Nazi said...

hahahahaha asking about a party. haahahahaha

Kinz said...

I love those!

Lee S. said...

ha ha ha... love how there IS candy in your hand in the pic...


kayla & tyler said...

Frooties are the best! I'll make you feel better about buying one huge bag. A few months ago, me and tyler went to PartyLand and tyler bought 5 huge bags, cause he wanted a variety of flavor. we still have a ton left... so don't feel bad. We got like 20 times more frooties than you. They are very addicting though, beware!

Michele said...

You rock sister- at least you got the tooth brush to go with it. If you can eat that bag of candy and not gain any weight I say go for it you are a blessed one!