Friday, September 18, 2009


i would not say that i have the most tact in the world.
clearly, not even close. however, i have come across a few people in my time and seriously thought, were you raised in a cave your entire life? (no offense to anyone who has lived in a cave their entire life) but sometimes i don't understand why people act the way they do.
which i'm sure most of you think that about me...

when i was 16, i worked at hogi yogi. believe it or not, i was pretty good at working there. i was a manager after 5 months of working there. i cooked and cleaned and got paid to do it. maybe if Sean paid me to do housework, i would be a little more motivated. probably not though. i also worked there til i was 20 but let's not get into that. one day, i was baking bread. when the timer went off, i went to grab the trays out, and one of the trays landed on my arm. i froze..or burned. that word seems more appropriate considering the situation. anyway. it burned me so bad that it was a third degree burn. it burned all my nerve endings, so i couldn't feel it.

now i am not trying to down play burns in any way, shape or form. but i hate when you can feel the burns. so i was fine with having this 3rd degree burn over a second degree burn. it was so bad it singed off my arm hair and eventually turned all sorts of crazy colors. it took a while for this to heal.

one day, while working the cash register, a lady came up to order some food. she looked down at my arm in shock. i didn't have a band-aid on it. seriously, she looked absolutley disgusted. she grabbed my arm, and said

"Ewww! Is this a birthmark??!"

i wanted to rub my disgusting burn in her face and be like,

"no, it's actually herpes, want some?"

what if it was a birthmark? who says that? i still have a scar on my arm from it. and some emotional ones from that lady. okay not really but still.

anyway, here are some other things that you should probably not ask people.. or me..

"When's the baby due?"

"You look like a witch"

"You look like Medusa"

"You are a big mess"

"You have a big personality"

"Oh, i thought you were ordering for 2.. but just you?"

"Let me find you some jeans to try on. Let me guess your size.."

"You look..different."

"What's wrong with your face?"

"You have dark hair? You must not be from around here, are you cuban or something?"

one day before we were married we were in a staff meeting at work. sean noticed i was wearing a new shirt. i think it was kind of a unique shirt. he looked at it and said this, "This is..... good."

this is good?

what does that mean?

also, when someone has a zit on their forhead, like i do. please don't stare at it. look me in the eyes! this is sean's fault for me having the zit.

anyway, anyone else have any experiences with tact?

(Note: i am not trying to offend anyone in anyway. these examples may or may not be fictional and may or may not have anything to do with anyone that i know or may be married to..that i still love very much even if it did have to do with them. but it totally doesn't...)


@manda said...

i could go off about this for hours! I remember a client coming in my office after I had Kaden (I had only been back a week) and he looked at me and asked "Are you pregnant again?" I have never been the same! NO JERK OFF I AM NOT PREGNANT THIS IS WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE 6 WEEKS AFTER YOU HAVE A BABY!

The Boob Nazi said...

I appreciate blunt honesty. "Julie, your breath stinks." "Julie, that is ugly." "Julie, you're an idiot." (which is just blatantly untrue.)
But yeah.

Rachel Leigh said...

I have had several interactions with people that have no tact. My favorites are: "Oh, you are finally showing... when is the baby due?" and "You are from the middle east aren't you?" That one had an argument attached to it when I politely told the man that I wasn't, he continued to yell and argue with me that I was. This happened shortly after 9/11. (I am mom is from Bolivia, and my dad is a beach bum from Cali... I doubt I am from the middle east, unless you know something I don't.) :)

grant + brittany said...

um i was in banana republic a couple of months ago, just looking around. an employee came up to me and was like.... "you know you're in the petite section right?".

also i can think of a million more examples but i can't type them because they make me too angry. i just don't understand how parents don't teach their kids WHAT YOU JUST DON'T SAY!!!!!!

ugh. so annoying.

Matt said...

Rachel Leigh, I am from the middle east of North West Orem, Does that count. ;) Everyone is from the middle east of somewhere.

kayla & tyler said...

haha this was so funny!!! yay for hogi yogi!!! and yes, it's true, lots of people don't have any tact at all.
i've been asked before if I am anorexic. and it makes me crazy. I just want to say NO!! YOU IDIOT. I'VE BEEN THIS SKINNY MY WHOLE LIFE. IT'S NOT MY FAULT. ITS IN MY GENES. LOOK AT MY MOM, SHE IS A TWIG. BELIEVE ME, IF I COULD GAIN MORE WEIGHT, I WOULD.
I hate some people.