Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have lived...

so. the other day i was having a conversation with my sister about life. she told me that i had no shame about being lazy, and it was kind of refreshing. okay maybe her word wasn't exactly "refreshing" but i caught this twinkle in her eye when she said it, and i know that's what she meant.

she is right. i used to complain about being lazy and not ever wanting to do anything. i would stress myself out. i would therefore try to do more things so i wouldn't feel lazy. which in turn just caused me more stress and anxiety. then one day all those feelings changed. i went skydiving.

i just don't think that i can really top that. if someone calls me up and is like,
"hey, let's go bowling next week."
i think in my head,
"umm.. bowling? i have been skydiving. why would i go bowling?"

don't get me wrong. i like bowling. i just don't like plans. i work better under spontaneous pressure. my friend lee LOVES to plan. therefore we have a spoken rule that she will plan bowling 2 weeks in advance, and "spring" it on me last minute while she is on her way to the alley. it works much better that way.

also. i have been skydiving. i feel like i have lived. i have done all there is to do. i just would be left unsatisfied with anything else. that's why it's so much easier to just be lazy. why would i want to do dishes, when i have been skydiving? see my logic?

someday, i will post the video from this life-changing event, and then maybe people will get off my back about being lazy. okay no one has actually been on my back about it. just me. but it's a freaking sweet video and you are all just going to love it.. stay tuned..


Maddie said...

haha, you really have developed a "no shame" mentallity about it. way to go!

Olivia Rae said...

i just made my boyfriend read your blog and we were both cracking up. i totally know what you mean though!! i love being lazy and sometimes i just don't feel guilty at all!

Diana said...

Oh my word, from the beginning of your story, I thought you were going to say something dramatic and totally spiritual or something, but then it said, "I went skydiving." LOL!!!

Michael & Mindy said...

I love that you blog so often. Yours is definitely one of my favs, so I'm always glad to see you've updated :) Oh, and this post...funny. Very funny

Michele said...

You are CRAZY, funny, but crazy. It would be life changing for me too. I would be dead. I am sure I would have a heart attack! So hears to you..... you rock.