Tuesday, September 1, 2009

happy happy joy joy

i am going to turn the tables a little bit here, and try to do a positive post! so i am going to turn on the super ecstaticness. pretty sure i might have just made that word up but i like it.(yep just checked. officially not a word)

things to be happy about....

  • sean fixed the toilet! we are back in business! i no longer have to use the bathtub, or the bucket in the backyard.

  • i didn't actually have to use the bathub or bucket in the backyard. phew. (i wish that puppy and bucket was in my backyard though)
  • my root canal/filling, i think are covered by insurance. i got a very good email about it today. cross your fingers.
  • i have to get a filling tomorrow. i am okay with that. at least its not a crown. although a crown sounds a lot cooler than a filling: "you want to give me a crown? wow, i don't know what to say..i am honored." wow. that was lame. i know.
  • i got a cold, but i got it from sean and that means that we hang out alot and that is pretty cool. i am lucky.
  • i brought sean a chocolate donut today and he loved it and it made me feel good.
  • sean and i made dinner together lastnight. i may or may not have changed my outfit twice because i was having hot flashes/chills. but he was okay with that. we make a good team. he kept thanking me for making dinner for him. all i did was peel the potatoes and heat up some veggies. but hey, i'll take credit. :)
  • okay i didn't actually take credit.
  • i didn't sleep at all lastnight. i kept sean up. but he kept checking on me. it was very sweet. i am thankful for that.
  • even though my check engine light is on, i am still grateful i have a car.
  • i am grateful that seans phone broke because his new phone is awesome. (i am trying to figure out an inconspicuous way to break my phone because i am super jealous of his)
  • we are going to go to Jackson Hole this weekend.
  • i am grateful for all my wonderful friends and family. they are amazing. thanks for putting up with me. i know i can be off my rocker. ALOT.
  • i am grateful for all my bloggy friends. i decided i don't want to go private because i get sad when people do. i don't care if i don't know you and you read my blog. feel free to comment! the more friends the better.
  • puppies!! i almost applied for a job as a dog walker. i would make $5 a day walking a dog for a half hour. it would be so awesome. i'm still consdidering it.

this is exactly what it would be like, except i probably wouldn't be wearing that skirt. or the heels. and new york wouldn't be in the back ground.but other than that.
exactly. the. same.
  • and last....
SEPTEMBER 17th!!!!

are you going to be watching??

p.s. i am so grateful i am not this girl. i would kill myself for being in this commercial. is that mean? i hope they paid her pretty good. you couldn't pay me to be in it. you couldn't pay me to watch it again. everytime this commercial comes on i almost lose it. it makes me not want an education. bleh.
if you are this girl. i am sorry. i am sure you are pretty cool.


Michelle said...

chloe! promise not to think i'm weird that i always read your blog even though i only met you like once? you are so funny! keep it comin, it makes me so happy!

p.s. I'm in love with pam and jim's relationship too

Maddie said...

try out for the next one chlo! do it!

Lee S. said...

OH.MY.HELL!! I can't stand that commercial...yet i know all the words to it...blah.

Sydney Swift said...

i'm a dog groomer! (trainee but close enough) my favourite part of my job is when i'm instructed to play with the puppies to keep them out of the way of the senior groomers. it's so much fun!

Rachel Leigh said...

I am glad I am your bloggy friend too. Your blog is my favorite to read. You know what is so funny? I remember in high school I always thought you were so pretty but you were so quiet. I didn't know you were so fun! I know, I am cheesy.

Rachel Leigh said...

oh, and I love the office too. we could be office friends.

I am sorry about all the comments, I just forget stuff...

The Hopkins said...

Way to look at the bright side of things :) I think it's good to be positive. But at the same time, I totally think it's okay to be negative too.. sometimes it just relieves stress and feels good to get it all out :)
Love the office. You can always count on laughing when you watch that show.
And the commercial.. is that seriously on TV? I get soooo bothered by so many comercials. I try not to, but I can't help it. There are very few comercials I like, and this is one of them ha.

Staci T said...

Seriously annoying commercial. Happy post! Happy Fall!! New t.v. shows. Great day!

kayla & tyler said...

Haha oh my gosh, CHLOE! I HATE that commercial too! I always tell people about it and no one knows what i'm talking about! NOW SOMEONE WHO FINALLY UNDERSTANDS ME! I seriously can't stand that commercial. poor girl. they couldn't pay me enough to lip sync (spelling?) that horrible song. well.. maybe I would do it... depends on how much.

Staci T said...

I've never seen that commercial. Thank you, Mr. DVR

Olivia Rae said...

aww you have so many sweet things you're grateful for! and i am OBSESSED with the office. i've seen every episode a million times, and they never get old. jim and pam just keep getting better and better!! i'm so excited!

Juli said...

Chloe!! I found your blog! And pretty sure you crack me up! I love the way you write! Let me know if you want an invite to my blog julitaylor@gmail.com

I got half way through that commercial, and had to stop it. it should be used as a scare tactic for terrorists or something.

Michael & Mindy said...

Wow. That commercial is really, really bad.