Monday, September 7, 2009

much needed

today we got back from a much needed, incredible vacation to jackson hole, wyoming. we went with our good friends sara and kimball. we stayed in a really nice apartment cabin in thayne. it was awesome! the boys tried to cook steaks the first night. sara and i made rice krispy treats and watched scary movies. the next day we went fishing on murphy lake in the grey's river mountains. it was absolutely beautiful! that night we ate pizza and watched some football. the next morning we left for jackson hole so we could spend the day there.

one of the first stores we walked into was this antique store that i really wanted to go into. sean started talking with the owner lady at the front desk. he was looking at all these old rings and i walked over and started looking with him. i found this really cool puzzle ring, and was trying to figure out how to put it together. the lady told sean that the ring was over 100 years old and was brought back form turkey about 10 years ago. she said that no one had been able to put it together since they have had it. well sean got right to work. he was determined to put it together. the lady told him that if he could put it together we could have it for free! boy was i excited. i could tell that it was going to be a pretty ring, but i wasn't sure if it would fit me after it was put together. after a few minutes, the very nice owners said that we could keep the ring even if we couldn't put it together. we told her no way! right after we said that, my amazing husband sean put it together. and guess what? it fit perfectly. what are the chances? i love this ring so much, and now we will have a great story to tell about it for years to come!

after we spent the day in the shops, kimball bargained his way into getting us cheap passes on the ski lift. then we headed over to bar j wranglers for some awesome dinner and a show. it was such a neat experience, and i highly recommend it to anyone who goes to jackson hole. we had such a great time. it was a much needed vacation!

i hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!


Olivia Rae said...

looks like SUCH a fun trip! i've always wanted to go to jackson hole.

and your ring is gorgeous! i'm obsessed with antique rings, i have two... one cameo and one opal. antique rings have so much more character!

Rachel Leigh said...

That is such a cool ring, and you look gorgeous as always! I think I need to go on trips with you guys... you had two smooth talking men to bargain for you. :)

Michele said...

Your trip looks so fun! It looks like you won the fish catching contest!You go girl. How about that ring? What a stud Sean is. Troy's mom goes up to the Bar J every summer and loves it! Looks like a blast!

Mikauli Ann said...

that ring is gorgeous!