Tuesday, September 8, 2009


(Read the post below first)

Sean says: you really want me to call them?

Chloe says: ummm..yes?

Sean says: hahah

Chloe says: so..what's the word?

Sean says: hahha i haven't called yet

Chloe says: um...our readers are kind of waiting..for the final answer..

Sean says: no way...you put that on the blog?

Chloe says: ummm..what?

Sean says: i think you should call. hahahhaha

Chloe says: come on.. is that bad? and then im gonna have to change the whole story. and you are good at customer service type stuff. and what if they speak spanish? i would have to call you anyway to take over the call. so why don't we just cut out the middle man? por favor?

Sean says: hahaha...seriously?

Chloe says: sean. why would i joke about something like this.

Sean says: chloe....it's a recording.
i can talk to someone about setting up an account if you want. haha

Chloe says: how long does that take?

Sean says: umm...probably a half hour???

Chloe says: okay. umm hey, are you busy?

Sean says: haha um kinda whats up?

Chloe says: do you think that you could set up an account for me?

Sean says: really?

Chloe says: ummm..yep.

Sean says: i don't know if i can do that

Chloe says: umm.. i kinda just blogged about how you were true love and all that jazz..and..
just forget it.
i guess i will never know about those 10 calories.

Sean says: you're really gonna pull that card huh?

Chloe says: no it's fine. im sure i'll get over it someday.

Sean says: hahaha you're funny. whats gotten into you today?

Chloe says: umm.. i dont know. maybe it was that 10 extra calories. guess we will never know.


Sean says: it's all good. k i'll call those people againand try to talk to someone

Chloe says: no it's okay.. seriously.

Sean says: so i just talked with Julie at Frito Lay. She laughed and said she didn't know why that was but thought it was an interesting thought.


Sean says: haha yeah

Chloe says: umm.. do they have a complaint hotline?

Sean says: hahaha she wasn't being mean about it. no complaint neccessary

Chloe says: okay but did we get any answers out of this? did you tell her why you were calling?

Sean says: meaning because we are blogging about it?

Chloe says: no. did you tell her you wanted to know, or that i wanted to know?

Sean says:that i wanted to know

Chloe says: wow. you love me. i love you. thanks baby

Sean says: you're welcome

Chloe says: i was just testing you, and you passed. good job!

note: i wasn't actually testing him, but i needed an excuse for being a deranged psycho


Maddie said...

HAHAH awesome, way to go sean!

Sydney Swift said...

ahaha! i'd have wanted to call too. i once tried to call a sugar company because they'd misspelt a word on one of their packets...

Rachel Leigh said...

So funny. Your husband is so fun, my husband would just laugh at me and then refuse to call. So awesome!

Michele said...

You crack me up! Seriously, you need to look into being a columnist. You have a talent of taking a totally random thing and making it hilarious! All I can say about Sean is you have him trained well- good job Chloe, i might need a couple of pointers:)

Rachel Leigh said...

oh, and you should go look at this...http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=7842987

derek and kimber said...

HAHAHAHA. Can I just tell you that you make my day!