Tuesday, August 25, 2009

final destination?

so. there have been some recent updates in the payback story.

the first being that someone at sean's office, i can't name names (TROY) may or may not have (he did) sent the payback post with pictures to all of sean's clients and people who would be sure to make fun of him. oops? heh. but thats not my fault because sean did hit me in the hip. and laugh about it.

2nd update:

it may or may not be sean's fault that i got hit in the hip. what you say?! how could that be? well here is a little background to the story..

our game was at 6:15 on a thursday night. there was some REALLY bad traffic on the freeway and on geneva road. a girl on the team who may or may not have been my sister maddie, called me to say that she was probably going to be late to the game because of said traffic.

me being the great sister, i mean teammate that i am decided to bat in her place.

so originally, when sean was up to bat, this girl should have been on third, and i should have been on first base.

so i took the fall for my sister guys. so i guess its maddie's fault. thats okay i still love you maddie. or maybe its the people who caused the traffic's fault. i don't know. lets not point fingers guys. that's immature.

but i kind of feel like this incident was like the movie:

"Final Destination"

anyone seen that?

where that dude that used to be good looking from casper...

has that vision where the plane is going to explode so he gets off with some other buddies and it does explode and then the rest of the movie they are trying to escape death because they messed up the order of things? yeah its kinda like that. but take out the death thing.

okay and what is up with that movie anyway? shouldn't they have only made one movie because its called FINAL DESTINATION? how can you have a FINAL DESTINATION 2 and 3 and 4? obviously the first one was not really the final one. it should have been called "This is possibly the Final Destination; no promises" the 2nd one should have been called "We were kidding on the first, but this may or may not be the Final Destination." and the 3rd "You know we are going to make another one, so ..."

good news though people, there is now "THE FINAL DESTINATION" out. it really is the last one. I am glad they added "THE" in there because i never would have believed it. anyway back to the real story....

you wanna know what sean said when i told him that it was supposed to be maddie on 3rd base?

"Oh man, that would have not been good"

me: (once again) "ummm, excuse me?? so it was okay that you hit me and laugh about it FOREVER, but if you would have hit my sister, heaven forbid?"

him: "That would have just been not good, and really embarrassing."

me: "phew, glad we dodged that bullet then." (instert sarcastic eyeflutter here)


The Boob Nazi said...

I was like wtf when I saw the title of that. Seriously. whaaaat?

Maddie said...

HAHA sarcastic eye-flutter for sure. although, if a ball came flying on third base, i would have jumped out of the way. just sayin'. just kiddin chloe, haha!

Lee S. said...

ha ha ha. sarcastic eye-flutter.

Staci T said...

No, that would not have been good at all. That would for sure have been "THE Final Destination" for Sean. Nope, not good at all. Maddie can be very scary when she is in pain. And if you laugh, well, you know, "Dead Meat For Sorry Bones". Not good.

Rachel Leigh said...

i remember that guy from casper... i used to think he was so hot... not so much anymore.