Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Year Ago..

A year ago from today, I was getting ready to head to Australia and Fiji for 6 weeks. I traveled with a program called ISV ( International Student Volunteers). It was one of the most amazing things that I have ever done in my life. We we spent the first 2 weeks volunteering in 2 different locations. The first was in Townsville and we stayed in a volunteer house close to the beach. We ate kangaroo, learned how to make a Tim Tam Slam, and traveled to Magnetic Island to the Koala sanctuary. We went to an aquarium. Bummed a ride on a sailboat. Tried a Lot Burger. Best thing I have ever eaten in my life. I held a snake, walked in a forest of butterflies, kissed a bird, (and I liked it ;) ..haha jk). I met a lot of amazing people, and learned a lot about myself.

 The 2nd week we lived in a surfhouse right on the beach in Bowen. This was the town where the movie Australia was filmed. We planted trees, dug out weeds, picked up trash with little kids, and lived with a frog in our toilet. 

The next couple of weeks were spent traveling along the coast from the most northern part of Australia- Cairns. All the way down to the cold part, Sydney. I went skydiving, surfing, kayaking, rapelling, sailing, white water rafting, and a million other adventurous things. I went to the Aboriginal Cultural Center, learned how to throw a boomarang, and learned a lot about the digeridoo. I went scuba diving and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. I went to Byron Bay, slept many nights on a bus, many in hostels, and toured the famous Opera House in Sydney. Went on a sunset cruise over the harbor, ate amazing food, and saw the house that the Real World Sydney cast lived in.  I met soo many great people and had the time of my life. We saw Batman before it came out in the states, we ate curry, watched turkeys and wallaby's walk around like seagulls and deer. It was incredible. 

The people in Australia were absolutely the most amazing people I have ever met. I hope to go back someday and take Sean. After Australia, a few of us flew over to Fiji. I will post those pics later..but it was the most beautiful place I have ever been. I got to go deep sea fishing, tray Kava, and play on the island that Castaway was filmed on. Despite everyone getting food poisoning and our ship sinking, we survived and loved every second of it. 

I never thought I would be where I am now, a year ago. I remember while I was in Australia, wondering if I could ever be as happy. Where would I be a year from now? I never expected to be married. I wasn't exactly in the best place of my life. But I wouldn't change it for anything. I am so glad I got the chance to do something like that before I got married. It cost me $10,000 and it was worth every penny. I came home to no job and no money. But I would have paid double if I would have known where it would have brought me now. I love where I am. I am glad Sean came back into my life.

Now we are headed off to Pebble Beach in 2 hours. I can't wait! My family is already there waiting for us. It should be a great vacation!

Oh, P.S. I have not had candy since Sunday. Wow. I know, I know. I am shocked too. Not even cookies or icecream. I feel great!


The Mann Family said...

Hey Chloe! Your blog is adorable! I love reading all of your funny stories! It sounds like you and Sean couldn't be happier. I'm so happy for you guys! Your trip to Australia looks like it was AMAZING, I'm SO jealous! Well, we'll have to keep in touch now that we've found each other's blogs!!! Have fun on your vacation!!!

Warner family said...

What a great experience! I can't believe you held a SNAKE! I would die. I am so terrified. Lots of fun pic:)

Preston & Shawnee said...

Sounds like you had some amazing experiences and adventures! I'm so glad you were able to do that before you got married, it is crazy how much life can change in a year!
Hope you're having a fun vacation! And good job on sticking to your goal of not eating sweets!