Monday, July 6, 2009

Torrey Apple Days!

For the 4th of July we headed to Torrey, Utah where my grandparents live. All of my cousins on my mom's side came and we brought Sean and Lee along for their first experience of Torrey Apple Day's. We had a blast at the parade on Saturday morning, and we went 4-wheeling twice and got some great pics of the sunset on the top of the ridge. We had a fun weekend. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting us come stay with you! I get frustrated putting up a bunch of pics, so I am sorry if this post is boring! I have blogged too much today and will just explain some of them briefly. Here are a million pics..

Chuck Wagon- The General Store

Float in the parade..

Jeremy and Maddie

Cute Little Ireland

Cute little pies that they gave out to everyone

Sean and I at the Swap Meet

Jeremy, Maddie, Sean, Me, and Lee

Sean trying to scare my mom..
Sean and I

Cool Tree

Tur-Beau Man!
Ireland again!
All the kiddos with their ice cream Sean and I on top of the ridge after 4-wheeling

Me and Lee!

Beautiful Leezel!

Lee took a lot of the pics of Sean and I and the butterfly. She is very talented! We had a great weekend! Thanks everyone who hung out with us! Our next adventure is Pebble Beach on Wednesday. And yes, those pics are from the parade where I was eating all the candy.. Boo. So far today I am candy/sweet free. I feel pretty good. We will see how this goes...


Ronda said...

Oh we missed you all on the fourth of July. Thanks for posting so I can see all of the moments that I have similar memories of. There is nothing like a torrey family filled fourth of July.

Grant + Brittany said...

ok you love candy more than anyone i know. and its hilarious.

you two are too cute! love these pictures. sometimes i just want to turn my blog into a grant fan club because i am so obsessed with him. being in love is so fun!

ha the verification word is sales. how weird is that?