Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bizarre Wedding

Sigh. I still need to put up pictures from our trip. But for now, I just read this story on KSL that I have to share. Check out the link here . Hahaha.. I am just imagining this whole thing playing out in my head like this: (check out the link first)

All these drunk people probably having a good time at this wedding party. A couple of inebriated people are getting a little wild and one of them says something like ..

"Hey.. Hey man. You know what would be totally awesome? Lets throw that one chick who got married..whats her name? Kim? Yeah whatever her name is. Let's throw her boquet out of a plane. My buddy has a plane. It will be so cool!" (Try to imagine this all in Italian)

"That is like the best idea you have ever had. The best idea anyone has ever had!"

Get guy with plane. Get in plane. Take off. Throw Boquet. Flowers get stuck in engine. Plane goes down.

"Wow. Maybe that was not the best idea."

"That was freakin awesome man!!! Lets do it again!"

Bride probably crying.. hey, at least no one was killed. And who knows, maybe it was the brides idea. But neither her or the groom were on the plane. Either way I think it would have been the coolest wedding ever.

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