Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I love Harry Potter but..

Not as much as this fan . How sad!

I am going to see this movie tomorrow night. Can't wait!

Oh P.S. I feel really bad for this dude and all, if the story is true. I hope that it's not. But, can you really be Harry Potter's #1 fan if you have never read the books? Just sayin'.
Harry Potter's # 1 Fan
'Wingardium Leviosa'

Update: According to Snopes a humor columnist wrote this article after the 6th book leaked in 2005. I guess someone decided to spread it around about the movie. But that is kinda lame because like I said before, if he was the #1 fan, he would have read the books.
Oh well. Glad no one's dead.

P.S.S. apparently Sean is really not into Harry Potter

Sean says:
so apparently this Harry ain't too good
Chloe says:
oh rubbish
its getting good reviews
Sean says:
thats good. i just saw on face book that people were disappointed
Chloe says:
oh boo. Do you believe everything you hear on facebook? I am going to make you watch ALL of them
Sean says:
hahaha i don't wanna watch them
Chloe says:
wingardium leviosa!!!
Sean says:
Chloe says:
here is your punishment then
from now on you shall be known as Harry. I will not call you anything else until you watch the movies with me
Sean says:
yeah right I don't believe you
Chloe says:
what's that Harry?
Sean says:
who's Harry?
Chloe says:
Sean says:
no no no I'm Sean
Chloe says:
Okay Harry
Sean says:
Chloe says:
Okay Harry Ashby
I win
K I seriously need to stop blogging today. Sorry!


The Boob Nazi said...

It's fake! Phew. I was like, uhh uhh reallllyyy????

Warner family said...

HaHa Never fails! I can always laugh at your blog! I waxed a guys eyebrows tonight that had lost a bet last night at Harry Potter! Pretty funny! He though that it hurt so bad. His eyes were watering. I really think that girls are much stronger than men. We put ourselves through so much! Anyways back to my point....... He said the movie was great!Wish I was going to see it. Blake hates going to the movies:(