Monday, June 22, 2009


This Saturday was my twin sister Maddie's birthday, oh and mine too! :) What a beautiful day it was! There was hardly any rain, okay by hardly I mean ALOT, but it was still an awesome day despite the weather. Maddie, Jeremy, Sean, and I woke up early on Saturday to head up to Park City to be volunteers in the Ragnar Relay. It was rainy and cold, and we did a lot harder work than we thought we would. But it was fun to all be together and see all the runners come in at the finish line. After we volunteered, we went and ate some yummy lunch and then headed back to Orem.

Maddie and Jeremy eatin' Philly Cheese Steaks

Sean and I after volunteering!

After some much needed rest, we headed over to my parents house for a FABULOUS party. Letme just tell you our friend Lee outdoes herself every year! She threw us the most amazing carnivale themed circus party. We felt so bad because she had planned to do it in her beautiful backyard, but the weather was so awful that they had to move it indoor last minute. That didn't stop the party from being awesome though! We started out by putting together our own pizzas on pita bread and cooking them on the grill. Sean was very excited about that. Although he was sick he was a real trooper! After we ate pizza, we played games, sat around and talked, watched our friend Zane do some amazing magic tricks, and then finished the night by watching old school Mickey cartoons from the Disney Vault. It was such a fun party. Lee had every little detail down to the T. We had pickles that were wrapped and labeled, tons and tons of movie theater and old fashioned candy for the cartoons. Lee had the cutest balloons and decorations, and even made a cardboard cut out of a trapeze artist and a muscle man that we could poke our faces through and take awesome pictures. It was such a great night. Thank you sooo much Lee! We love you and are soo grateful for all that you do for us! Thank you everyone who came, and for all the awesome gifts!

and lots of.....
Such a fun night!

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Staci T said...

It was fun!!! You have the best friends.