Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Headbands, Snakes, Quesadillas, and more..

Tonight, Lee came over and we started getting caught up on Grey's Anatomy and on our projects for the next Boutique Open House that my sister-in-law Amanda is having this Saturday. If anyone is interested in coming, you should! There are going to be lots of neat, hand made items there, including; baby hair flowers, bows, headbands, big girl flowers, feather pieces, and headbands, make-up, paper mobiles, crocheted baby blankets, hats, afghans, baby booties, jewelry, and lots more. Here are some of the headbands I got done tonight... I will put more pictures on my other blog though..

Lee and her paper mobiles! So cute!

While we were working on girly stuff, Sean was tackling the snake in the back yard and killing all sorts of bugs outside. He seriously sprayed every corner of the house. He was so proud. I am so proud, but don't tell him that I found another spider in the house k? He will get really sad. Anyway, while Sean was outside, he suddenly ran in out of breath, freaking out. I guess when he was mowing the lawn a snake "THIS BIG" started wrapping itself around his leg. He claimed that he killed it with the lawn mower. When I came out to take a picture, it started moving! Well that was enough for me so this is the only picture I got.

It must have tuckered Sean out because he fell asleep 2 hours ago. How are we ever going to make this work? Haha jk. I am okay with being a night owl. He is okay with being wierd. I guess it works?

Oh today for lunch, Sean took me to one of his favorite real mexican restaurants, that for some reason in the whole time we have been together, he has never taken me there or really told me about it. It is called Pastorero. Way good! I ordered a quesadilla, which in the picture on the menu, looked really light and small, but in reality could feed a family of 8...

It had like 3 layers of tortialla shell, pork, and tons of cheese. So good!

Lasnight my ring finger decided to swell up really big (like it does every once in a while), and it had this weird bump on it. I tried to wake up Sean but he didn't seem as excited about it as I was. So I took some pictures myself so I can prove that I do have problems with my hands! My wedding ring, which was loose earlier in the day would not even get close to fitting. Today its about back to normal. So odd. I couldn't really get a good shot of the weird bump because it was on the inside of the finger. Anyway, here are the pics. Its kind of hard to tell, but I guess you had to be there. But I guess if you were there, you probably would have been asleep. (Sean)

It looks normal next to my pinky, but my pinky knuckle is perma-swollen. Compared to my middle finger knuckle? Ughh. Anyway, hopefully someday this random problem will either be explained or will disappear. Anyway, I am off to bed! Goodnight!


The Boob Nazi said...

Please don't post such delicious looking pictures. I drooled a little.

Maddie said...

those hair pieces and headbands look super cute!

Kinz said...

Chloe!!! Your poor fingers! :(
That looks a bit painful...