Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Seany Boy

Most of you that read this blog, probably already know that Sean has a short attention span. Oh wait, I do too, but that is besides the point of this post. Sean can blog about that later if he chooses to. Anyway, back to the post. Let me give a few examples of Sean's short attention span. Well lets see. The day that we were doing our bridals, Sean had a severe case of ADD. We showed up at the temple, and I think he was only expecting to be in like one picture. Or just expecting it to take like 5 minutes. Hahaha. Well just as we were walking in, Sean is picking up snow and kicking it up in to the air in his nice rented tux and shoes. He is off in the back ground playing with sticks, using the props we brought and hitting stuff with them. It was pretty funny. I said to him, "Sean, today we are going to act like adults." Man, I never thought he would hold that against me for the rest of eternity. Haha. I can't even believe I said that. Lets be real here, I am not one to talk. But I did say it that day and he has never forgotten it. Well last week we went up to Salt Lake to go to dinner for my cousins birthday. Sean had already been telling me how hungry he was on the way up, so when he was told that the wait at the Red Iguana was 45 minutes. He panicked. What does Sean do?

1st plan of action: Head over to the Hostess Bakery for a twinkie. Yes. He was dead set on a twinkie. I didn't even know Sean was gone, but he comes back looking like a sad little puppy dog. I said to Sean "What is wrong? Where did you go?" he says " I went to Hostess to get a twinkie, but they are closed and I am sad." I start laughing and say "Sean, you had 2 huge burgers and some fries for lunch 3 hours ago, and you are still hungry?" He replies with " Yes Chloe, I am a man's man. I am always hungry. I have to feed these muscles of steel." Okay he didn't quite say that but thats what his eyes told me, and also, people still eat twinkies? What? Anyway, so I look around to see what other options we have, and then I remember I had an apple in my bag---

2nd plan of action:I pull it out and give it to him. He immediately lights up a little, but seems uninterested in the apple after a few seconds. All he can seem to look at are the bite marks in the apple, then has to show me that this proves his teeth are crooked, and throws the apple core away. Hmmm. Oh well. I tried.

Across the street, I see a Leatherby's Restaurant. I am thinking.."hmm.. Sean, I bet you could go over there and get a brownie or cookie or something to hold you over until we can eat." Next thing I know Sean is doing this---

Final plan of action:

Sean walking towards Leatherby's. Me thinking he will get a brownie?

Wait...what? What is he holding? Is that ...No..that can't be a HUGE ice cream cone..

And he comes back with an ice cream cone. Yes. Ice Cream. Forget that its 30 degrees outside and we haven't even had dinner yet. Way to spoil your dinner! Actually, the truth is. I was very happy about this. I would have done the same thing. A boy after my own heart. What are we going to do when we have children? I tell Sean all the time that he is like a 6 year old boy, but then remember that the 5 year old girl part of me has a crush on him. Its true. I do. Seriously look at that face. Eating ice cream in 30 degree weather. I love this boy/man.

P.S. Of course I ate half of the ice cream.


The Boob Nazi said...

Red Iguana.... yuuuuuuuuuummmm

Staci T said...

I wanted some of that ice cream but I was way too cold!!!!! Seriously, it was freezing!

Kinz said...

That was so funny!!! Thank you guys for coming!