Monday, April 6, 2009

The Wheelin' Jazz!!

Last Wednesday, Sean and I got to go with some people from work to The Wheelin' Jazz Game. We went and ate at The Mayan before the game, and then headed to Jordan High School for the game. The Wheelin' Jazz is a basketball team that plays in wheelchairs. They travel all around the country competing in tournaments. A guy from our works brother in law plays on the team. The celebrity team is made up of 'famous' people from Utah. A few of the celebs that played were Taylor Vaifunua, she was from the top 36 from American Idol, Mark Shurtleff, and several retired athletes from BYU/Utah. It was awesome watching them play. The Wheelin' Jazz gave the Celebrity Team a 20 point lead to start out the game. They lost by 3 points at the end, but they seriously played easy on the celebs! They are so talented. Watching all of these guys who were born unable to walk, or lost the ability to walk because of an accident, really made me see that I take for granted the ability to walk every single day. These guys are my heroes! Here are a couple of pictures from that night. My camera and I were not cooperating that night, so that is why the pictures are blurry. Sorry! **( I noticed I had some of the facts wrong on this post, so I corrected them, sorry about that!!) Anyway, I really recommend to anyone who reads this to go out and support next year. I hope to make it a tradition, so if you are interested and want tickets, let me know! :)

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Layne Mangum, Head Coach said...

Hey, Bret sent me your poster about your dinner and game plans. Thank you for supporting the team and coming. It was a fun night.

Layne Mangum
Head Coach
Wheelin' Jazz