Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it a boy or a girl?

**I wrote this in response to Chloe's post below, so read that one first**

The question for the it a boy or a girl? We'll get to that in a moment... Anyway yes i have a little bit of ADD. Mostly i just get restless. Its not that i can't focus on things, its more like a survival technique. i mean 45 min is a VERY long time to wait for a little donkey. But i'll tell you what that mint chocolate ice cream in the waffle cone was sooo good. i wish i had one now....

So is it a boy or a girl? Chloe has this baby blanket that she sleeps with, eats with, watches tv with, cooks with, gets ready with, and does everything with. Which is totaly fine. i dont mind. When i first started hanging out with her again she made it very clear that the blanket came with matter what. she also told me how she named it Banks McGee, (Banky for short). Banks is a boy. well the other morning we woke up and were jsut layin there and i grabbed banks and Chloe said that she needed HER. and i said, "isn't Banks a boy?" she says, "sometimes, depends on the day."

First of all blankets don't have genders...and even if they did they cant change genders. i mean is there a surgery for that? do you change it from purple material with flowers on it to John Deere Tractors? I dont know.... But here is the real question....Who is the real 6 year old? I might run around on the temple grounds kicking snow and playing with sticks and i might eat mint chocolate ice cream while wating for a burrito but i dont sleep with a Banks McGee. wait does that mean she is cheating on me? or if i steal it does it change genders and i am then cheating on her?


Lee S. said... guys crack me up!! too funny.

Staci T said...

I miss your blanket too!

Kinz said...

You are so funny Sean! I've known that blanket as long as I've known Chloe. It used to be a brownish color and I remember when grandma didn't like that too much and had to add a new backing on it. So funny.

Kinz said...

Wait a minute... now looking at the pictures is that even the same blanket!!!!!???? Where is the slightly brown one? Was there a death? I'm so confused.