Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love this man..

Seriously..I still can't figure out why he married me. I can think of many reasons for why I married him. Here are just a few--

Not this Saturday but last, I woke up around 10:00 am. Sean was MIA. When I walked out of our bedroom, I could smell cinnamon. I walk a little further and peak into the kitchen. Yes. Sean was making me cinnamon rolls for breakfast. After doing the laundry, folding the laundry, and washing all the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher). Who is this guy? As he is feeding me cinnamon rolls. He says to me "Oh man, I can't wait to make you homemade ones. I make them sooo good!" K. Hold the phone--- What is going on here? Who is this man? So after this statement, me still feeling dazed and like I am in some sort of dream, decide to get in the shower. As I turn the shower off, I hear a faint buzzing noise. Sean is vacuuming the hallway. I sit in the bathroom, staring at the mirror, and pinch myself. Did I seriously marry Martha Stewart? This freakin rocks.

2 Nights ago he made an emergency trip to the store for me. He returned with Pamprin and a heating pad. How does he even know what Pamprin is? Then he even nursed me back to health the next day after we think I may have OD'd on Paprin. Yeah, its actually kind of funny, we both had a good laugh. I can't believe I am even sharing this with the blogging world. But it turns out I take medicine while I am sleeping and don't even realize it. He let me cry on his shoulder, whine that life sucks, being a girl sucks, and I don't know how I am ever going to bear children. I know if Sean could bear my children, he would. Just so I wouldn't have to feel pain. Man. That is true love right there.

Last night, he made me sit on the couch and wouldn't let me come in to the kitchen. When he finally let me in, he had made yummy delicous tacos. Real mexican style. He even bought limes to squeeze on them. Limes. yes. LIMES..who does that? Martha Stewart I tell ya. I just want to thank his mom Vicki, and his dad Gaylon, for raising such a fantastic son. He is going to be the greatest dad in the world someday. Not now. Someday though. Lets face it, I am kinda like a little kid anyway. Clearly from his last post. He takes such good care of me though. I don't deserve it. But I ain't complaining. I love my Martha Stewart Husband/Man.. and I am not afraid to brag about it. Maybe I will call you Emeril though, that sounds a little more manly. No..actually, I think we will stick with Martha. Because yesterday you told me you were going to grow me a garden and grow me some tomatoes, even though you hate them. That sounds like something Martha would do.


Staci T said...

That must be some right of passage when a man picks up that kind of stuff for you. I think its the moment they grow up. Love ya Sean! P.S. I like cinnimon rolls too!

The Boob Nazi said...

HOMEMADE CINNAMON ROLLS???? Do you know how long those take??? That IS true love! haha

Warner family said...

Wow....Lucky girl! I love my hubby but I don't think he would even think to do half of those things. Glad you found such a great guy I think that you DO deserve him. XOX