Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parties and Cousins

On Thursday night, we went to Ruby River for Sean's birthday. We had quite a few people show up, and it was a little crazy, but still a good time. Lee brought a wonderful umbrella hat and a sign for Sean to wear. Awww the birthday boy looked so cute! Precious! Hahaha. Here are a few pictures from Dinner. Turns out our waitress majored in Photography so she didn't mind taking a couple of pics:

The Birthday Boy!!

My dad, Lee, Derrick, Maddie, and Kelsey

Gaylon (Sean's Dad), Vicki (Sean's Mom), Me

The Whole Gang!

Vicki, Me, Sean, My Mom, My Dad

I got Sean a new jacket, 2 shirts, and some cologne for his birthday. I think he liked his stuff. It was a fun night. Thanks everyone for coming! I hope you enjoyed your Birthday Sean!

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Amanda said...

I would have come to dinner if I knew Sean would be wearing that hat! Man! he he he It looks like fun. You two rock!