Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm not superstitious...just a little 'stitious

The holidays are over now. They were really busy but a ton of fun. We spent alot of time with our families which was nice. We also went and saw that new movie "Marley and Me." Yeah...if you haven't seen that one beware you'll probably cry. Not me cuz boys dont cry right? Yeah...right. Anyway Chloe also bought her dress on Saturday and she put it on and showed me. Yeah bad luck right? Well i mean we are gettin it done on Friday the 13th...sooo....its kinda like what Michael says on the office, "I'm not superstitious...just a little 'stitious." Plus i think two negatives make a possitive. (thanks Math 1010) And unless Jason jumps out of our wedding cake with his machete and goes postal on us all...i think we'll be ok. Anyway back to the dress, Chloe looks faaareeeaakinn AMAZING in it. Its perfect. i would describe it but i dont want to ruin the suprise. so you'll just have to wait.

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@manda said...

Well I am sortastitious...........just be careful mwhahahaha