Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Spoon...Or Little Spoon?

This is a little question that I would like you all to ask yourselves.
In researching the definition of "spooning" I came across the ever incredible Wikipedia definition, and I mean..according to Michael Scott from the Office, "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information." Couldn't agree with you more buddy. Here are a few of the answers:

Spooning; the definition I'm aware of, is when one person lies on their side with their back to the other person. Usually with legs bent a little.The other person is in the same position. They fit together like spoons.

The word "spooning" was used a great deal in the 1800's and the early 1900's. It's usually means kissing (going no further than that of course.)

You've heard of "spoon, by the light of the moon." You can call it kissing, smooching, sucking face, but it's just plain old kissing.

when you hit somebody with a spoon.

I personally think the last answer is my favorite. Anyway, the reason I bring up this topic is because of my family. We had quite the discussion over dinner the other night about spooning. More specifically, which is better? Big Spoon or Little Spoon?
I personally like being the Little spoon. Here are some reasons why Little Spoon is better:

Little Spoon
1.No effort required.
2.You can drool and the big spoon won't know.
3.You are not breathing down anyones neck or in anyones face
4.If you have bad breath (see number 3)
5.Usually you can see the TV better. No ones hair is in you way.

Reasons why Big Spoon is better (According to my parents, Yes, I had this convo with my parents)
2.You are in control. If you want to go to sleep, you have the power to roll the other way. Apparently the Little Spoon does not have this luxury?? Really?
3.I call balogne on that one. Yes I am making this a reason.
4.That is all the reasons they came up with.

So as you can see.. there are more reasons to why the Little Spoon is better. Please feel free to give me your opinions so I can add to this list. Sean likes the Big Spoon better, but thats because he doesn't know any better. He knows nothing other than the Big Spoon. I don't think I want him to know any better. I like being the Little Spoon. I don't want him to take that away from me. (Does that make me selfish?)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I found your blog on your facebook page. Congrats on the engagement!! Who is the lucky guy. It has been SO long sense I have seen you. You look great and so happy! I have a blog also but I am making it private in a couple of weeks so if you want to see it make sure you leave me your e-mail address. I was so good to see you and congrats again.

Ronda said...

chloe- I say little spoon definitely. It's not selfish to keep him in the dark, just savvy.... Your mom sent me your blog link. Congratulations on the engagement. We have heard from several excited family members how great sean is. I am happy for you. I would like to keep in touch too, if you send me an email with your preferred address I can send you an invite to our blog. Good luck and take care. Love, Ronda

@manda said...

I would have to say little spoon! It is warmer and nothing is in my face. See I have this thing with people in my face, I don't like my face to be touched either so little spoon is much better. I am not breathing on someone's neck. I hate that! ha ha ha

The Boob Nazi said...

CHLOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!! I was/still am I FOUND YOU! I've been searching through Chloes for quite the long time! Helloooo I'm glad you have a blog!
And I've only ever been the little spoon, so I don't know. Oh life.