Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just call me Mr.Scrooge

I feel the need to publicly apologize for my behavior this past week. It has been NUTS! And that is an understatement. Work has been non-stop. Me and the Mad have been taking files home at night just to some how stay above water. Maybe I should rephrase that. Just to not be on the bottom of the ocean floor. Christmas somehow how had to be thrown into the middle of all of this, plus a really bad cold and that just makes me angry. I just want Sean to know, that it won't always be like this. I won't always be too busy to go Christmas shopping for you. I won't always be this cranky, and tired, sick, and hard to be around. I won't always get so upset when you play jokes on me that you are in the Emergency Room getting X-Rays. It is just one of those weeks. Thanks for putting up with me though. Everyday I am more and more amazed by how much you love me and want to help. Usually by now.. every other guy would have walked away or given up. You are truly one in a million. I hate getting all sappy and mushy and cheesey, but oh well, it just goes along with this week. I love you to reeses pieces!

Not 2 minutes after I wrote this, Sean read this post, runs into my office, heavy breathing, no jacket, doesn't say a word and just hugs me. One in a million??? POINT PROVEN.


The Boob Nazi said...

Oh please. You couldn't be scrooge-like in a billion years! That's why everyone always loved you haha!w

Amanda said...

Thanks for the post! You are a strong person and we love you to pieces too! It is nice to see my brother so happy. Thank you for reminding us that things happen, you get angry but love conquers all when it is real. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Thanks for spending even just a few minutes with us on Christmas and for watching my little monkeys (or should I say Kaden and the chatter box?) :)