Tuesday, August 6, 2013

little life update.

 photo d8aaf87d-c6a5-4efb-b32a-f95647ed0697_zps0e27f4df.jpg  photo 8c269fbc-2956-45c4-9b6e-12f9b31090ae_zpsc579ee82.jpg

6 months ago from this exact minute i was walking the halls of the hospital with sean. moaning in so much pain. having intense contractions that were 2 minutes apart but not making any progress. i literally felt like my hips and back were going to break in half. it was the most painful night of my life. and it has been a painful 6 months if i am being completely honest. i have always promised i would be real and open on here. but on that note, if i am being completely honest, he has brought me more joy than i ever thought possible. i love being his mom. he is the happiest, saddest baby in the whole world, haha. i tell people that he is kind of bipolar. he is very dramatic in his emotions. which is hard when he is unhappy, but when he is happy? gosh, it sure is amazing. his smile is infectious.

i plan to write a 6 month post eventually, but he doesn't have his 6 month appointment for a couple more weeks. i will probably still write it and just update after i get some stats on him. we have confirmed finally that he is definitely allergic to milk. had i known he wasn't just intolerant to it, but actually allergic, i might have tried to keep pumping. but let's be honest, completely cutting dairy out of my diet would probably be impossible. i am sad it took 6 months to learn all this but i am happy we finally know. i know it's not like the worst thing in the world. i am not trying to be dramatic about it. it was just hard for us to diagnose because he really does still have acid reflux. he is now on soy again, but this time a soy that he seems to tolerate. he is drinking double what he used to just within a matter of days. it is pretty neat to see. so many people have commented lately on how happy he is. when we go to church he usually screams and cries the whole time. this last week? we could not get him to stop smiling and laughing. it was such a sweet change. i know there is a happy baby in there. it has been nice getting to see more of him these past few days. he still is very dramatic when he is unhappy, but that's okay. he has quite the personality and i can tell he is going to be quite the social butterfly.

sean and i are doing great! sean is just working like crazy and i have been working a few hours each day this week. i have been answering phones while the receptionist is on vacation. i am going to go back to work 2 days a week and then on 2 of the days that i am not working, i will be watching my nephew jack! his mom sarah will be watching ben on the days that i work. it's a nice little trade off and a win win for us both! we both get to know our nephews better and make some extra cash!

we have been toying with the idea of selling our house and moving closer to orem. property values have gone up quite a bit in our neighborhood and we have had lots of people on our street make some good money by selling. we aren't sure that this is the right time for us, but we also like the idea of making some money off this house. we never planned on living here forever. we will most likely stick around, but it is nice to know that we can sell if we need to! we love living in this neighborhood. we love this ward. i just wish we could move it closer to orem!

let's see.. what else is new? oh yes! i almost forgot! i am going to washington D.C. in a month! i am so excited! i have never been! my friend juli has rheumatoid arthritis and has been selected to go speak to congress about it! she just had a baby 3 days before ben but she invited me to go along with her for a girls trip! i booked my flight today. i am so excited. we will be there for 5 days. just her and i! we have lots of fun things planned! she has been before so she knows the ropes. i got a great deal on a flight and her friend hooked us up with a deal on a hotel! 2 of our nights are free thanks to her for getting selected to speak, but we decided we might as well stay a few extra days and make it worth it! i will miss ben and sean so much, but it will be nice to get away and to possibly get some sleep. i have such a sweet husband for letting me go do this.

that is about all that is new with us right now! i haven't updated on all of us in a while so i thought it was time. this blog has turned into benny's blog :) that's okay though. he is pretty darn cute! also, it seems like all i do in my free time is play around with this blog layout. just like old times. i will admit it has been nice to get my mind off things and it has given me something to do this week at work while i answer phones.  i better get to bed though! ben will probably wake up soon haha. good night!


Rhianne said...

He is so darn cute and I'm so glad that you figured out that he was allergic, poor little Benny, no wonder he was struggling.

How exciting about your trip to Washington! I hope you have a great time :)

Crissy Boss said...

Those pictures are so cute!