Wednesday, July 24, 2013

because i can't sleep

this boy is my whole world. i should be sleeping but instead i'm changing my blog layout once again and looking at pictures of him and thinking about the future and some big decisions we need to make. i have problems. i can't help it though. that smile makes all of my worries go away. we sure love you mr. benjamin blue. also, i received some sweet emails after my last post. thank you so much. you know who you are :)

i have a private blog titled march thirteenth that i have been writing on for a few years. i decided i want to move that name to this blog. so if you are confused that is the explanation. also i am posting from my phone so this probably looks silly. oh well. goodnight!

1 comment:

danica + stephen said...

Love the new blog name / layout! Was that date when you got married or when Benny was born?