Tuesday, May 7, 2013

pictures from a real camera - months 1 and 2

> 1 month <

 photo DSC03523_zpse8f3414d.jpg  photo DSC03524_zps2d02950d.jpg  photo DSC03526_zps5948eebd.jpg  photo DSC03528_zpsd327c0e2.jpg  photo DSC03529_zps43546457.jpg  photo DSC03530_zpsfe1858f5.jpg  photo DSC03532_zps76e9314d.jpg  photo DSC03533_zps72043dc3.jpg  photo DSC03534_zpsd8d8d1ba.jpg 

> 2 months <

 photo DSC03537_zpscc7b7424.jpg  photo DSC03540_zps8d895609.jpg  photo DSC03541_zps8c805c0f.jpg  photo DSC03542_zps6351eecc.jpg

excuse the poor lighting in these last few. it was a cold rainy day and i could not get good natural light! 
that's why there are only a few of these from month 2... and from now on i am going to try to
do actual month by month updates on time! today ben is 3 months! so stay tuned for that post later.
i am already working on it :)

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