Monday, January 14, 2013

just a few other things.

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{sorry here are just a few more random pictures that didn't quite go with my other posts}

> isn't that adorable gold tipped feather banner adorable!? lee made it and gave it to me at the shower! she has made so many cute things for the nursery and i can't wait to show them all off! lee knows the exact look that i am going for. i love it. once the nursery is finally complete, i want maddie to come and take some awesome pictures of it all. we have changed somethings around and ended up getting another dresser. it's not quite done yet, but if baby were to come now it would be just fine!

> this handsome man turned 27 on tuesday. words can never explain how much i love him. i know that is cliche to say.. but i really do love him so much. he really is my best friend. he has put up with so much from me, and i am so lucky. i still can't believe he wanted to be with me forever. he is so excited for this baby and i just know he is going to be such a great daddy. for his birthday we kept it low key. we are still trying to save up as much money as we can since we just paid off all of our student loans debt. we went to dinner at ruby river. his favorite. i gave him 2 batman shirts that he has been wanting for a while. i tried to plan to make him breakfast in the morning but he caught on the night before and decided he wanted breakfast for dinner the evening before. and he ended up making it. so much for me surprising him... haha.

> i drink 4 of these jugs of water a day. and i still have swelling in my hands, feet, and face. but oh well. it seems to help a lot, and i feel better when i do it. i am always thirsty. always. the doctor says everything is normal though and it's normal to retain water at this stage in pregnancy. i think everyone at church thinks i am pretty silly for carrying this around with me all the time but oh well! a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! also, my mom got me some awesome lounging outfits from victoria's secret to wear at the hospital and after the baby comes.. but i have already been wearing them. even out and about and to work... i love them. this sweatshirt is one of them. i love the PINK clothing line there. thanks for the lounging outfits mom! they already have been and will be put to good use! you are the best!

> my little big moses. i love him so. even when he throws up on my new bedding.. and even though i caught most of it in my hands and had to rush to the toilet to throw it all in there while he was still gagging and it all caused me to have contractions and almost go into labor because i had to chase him around the room with a towel on the floor while he continued to dry heave... i still love him. it was actually pretty comical. and that was a very long, improper sentence. and i don't care. we also found a new thing that he is scared of, aside from the vacuum, blow dryer, blender, my electric toothbrush, and drill. the diaper pail. yes, you read that correctly.


Tara Long said...

Mo is just trying to make sure you are really ready for baby blue when he starts projectile spitting up! Lol.
Also, I think most women tend to swell all over for the first pregnancy. I'm not sure why, but I have noticed it in A LOT of women (although I can't tell you are! You look just as skinny Minnie as ever! -just with a cute baby bump!)
Even my nose swelled up during my first pregnancy! I hated it!! But for my second pregnancy--no swelling! Hopefully it's the same for you. :)

Kara Workman said...

you look great! and that feather banner is adorable... i want one!

xx, kara

Anonymous said...

Oh the feather banner is the BEST!