Monday, January 14, 2013

baby shower #2

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man, did we get spoiled on saturday! i can't believe how spoiled we have been throughout this whole pregnancy. everyone has been so kind and generous. i feel so undeserving and unworthy of all of this. this weekend we had our friend/family shower. my mom, maddie, and lee hosted it at my mom's house! they did such an amazing job. we had my mom's delicious egg casserole. seriously, i love that stuff. there was also a fruit and cheese plate, french toast bagels (so good), granola, chex mix, amanda's amazing cinnamon rolls, homemade hot chocolate, juice, and milk. it was delicious and so cute!

we kind of got the invites out on this last minute. with the holidays and everything it was hard to set a date. by the time we did, it was probably too late to get invites out in the mail. so we did most of it on facebook, and through text and phone calls. i am sure that we missed inviting a lot of people that way, and i do feel bad about that. so i apologize if you are reading this and didn't get an invite! it was not intentional! my only regret about the whole day is that i did not get any better pictures. i forgot my camera.. again! i think maddie took some better ones though, so i will try to get my hands on those. don't worry though everyone, i finally found my camera and charged the battery last night, just in case i go into labor in the middle of the night and we need it. the battery is charged and the camera is ready to go to the hospital! (wishful thinking)

way more people came than i was expecting though and we had such a great time. i can't believe all the amazing things we got. let's just say baby blue has so many amazing handmade blankets. i am so jealous! they are all so beautiful. i will cherish them all forever. we also got a stroller/car seat combo. i love it. it was the one that i wanted! it's gender neutral and so awesome. we got 2 bouncers, a rock and play sleeper, a boppy, a diaper pail, a shower/bath system, tons of diapers, wipes, supplies, etc. some adorable clothes, hats, a moses basket... honestly the list goes on. we are so grateful. now we just need to get a few more things and then i think we are set! i still can't believe that we got so many amazing things. seriously, i felt so overwhelmed in a good way. i wanted to cry all day just thinking about how lucky we are. we have the greatest friends and family. we love you all! thank you!!


Bon Bon said...

Such a special time! Soak it all up:-) xoxo

Mariella said...

Chloe, what is his name?

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

ahhhh, cute cute cute. so much stuff. and heck, time is running...cannot believe it's already baby shower time for you. :) excited!

Anonymous said...

Baby blankets are the best. The. Best.