Monday, January 7, 2013

36.5 weeks

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how far along? 36 and a half weeks. in this picture i was 36. and also it's really crappy. i got really shaky and lightheaded while trying to take a decent one and this is the best i could do. also, these side shots don't show all the swelling in my face. so if you think i don't have any swelling, just look at me head on and ask me to smile.. ha. i can't wait to have my face feel normal again.

total weight gain: well, i am up 3 lbs from my last appointment. ha. so much for being proud about only gaining 2 lbs in 3 weeks from my last update because i just made up for it by gaining 3 in like 9 days. i have had quite a bit of swelling though and drank 32 ounces of water right before getting weighed. probably not my smartest idea. oh well. i am up about 27-28 lbs now. 

maternity clothes? yes. 

stretch marks? still just under my chest. nothing new from the last update.

sleep: we got some new bedding and i actually feel like it has helped me sleep a lot better. it's a lot more comfortable. however some nights i don't sleep at all and am up peeing every hour. i'm all over the place.

best moment this week: got to hear the heartbeat today. that's always amazing. also i had my first shower on saturday and it was awesome! i'll post about that in a separate post.

miss anything? everything about not being pregnant. ha. i'm tired of the swelling and just being uncomfortable. 

movement: a lot of big moves.. up until today. we talked about this at my appointment today and i was like "oh he moves all the time! no need to worry." but since my appointment i haven't felt him move very much and i am kind of starting to worry. 

food cravings: i have had quite an appetite lately but not everything sounds good. but when it does i inhale it.

anything making you queasy or sick: no not really.

labor signs: i am dilated 1 cm and 80% effaced.

symptoms: swelling in my hands, feet, and face. and probably every where else. let's be honest. nothing fits. it's super attractive. feeling out of breath and extreme exhaustion.

belly button in or out? still partially in/out. 

wedding rings on or off? on still but sometimes when my hands swell i take them off. they fit, but it's just not as comfortable with sweaty, hot hands.

happy or moody most of the time: ha. this past week i have been a mess. just ask my mom, sean, and my co-workers. not my proudest moments. 

looking forward to: having this baby. i can't wait to meet him. i also can't wait to somewhat feel like myself again. i know i'll never be the same, but hopefully i'll be a little bit more comfortable.

i had my 36 week appointment today. i was supposed to go in last friday but they couldn't get me in that morning so i moved it to today. today started my weekly appointments and with those i have the wonderful experience of getting my cervix checked. super awesome, let me tell ya. i am 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. my abdomen measured 35cm. she could feel his head, so thank goodness for that! i hope he stays down because he has been breech most this pregnancy. i had to get the strep b swab test. hopefully that comes back negative. i also got the pertussis shot because whooping cough is incredibly bad right now and they highly recommend anyone who will be close to the baby to get it. i feel like i have been punched in the arm. also, i am wondering if that could be why the baby hasn't been moving much today? who knows. anyway, that with being checked, i kinda feel like i got the crap kicked out of me today. i also talked to my co-workers about this possibly being my last full time week at work and of course that made me start to cry. it's just been one of those days haha. i am so emotionally and physically worn out. the doctor said that baby could be here tomorrow or he could be here february 7th.. ha. so i am not counting on anything, but sean and i decided it would probably be best for me to slow it down and start to work less. my job is incredibly stressful. especially at the end of the month, and we just want to make sure that i find some time to relax and get ready for this baby. it made feel feel better after we decided that. we both feel that it is the right decision. can't wait to meet you baby blue!!

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Jesslyn Amber said...

You're gorgeous! And so is Moses!
I can't wait to see pictures of your baby! :)