Friday, December 28, 2012

35 weeks

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how far along? 35 weeks. baby could be about 5-6 lbs right now!

total weight gain: 24-25lbs. 25-35 is recommended during pregnancy, so i think i am right on track. with hopefully less than 5 weeks left, i think i will be okay? i hope? i only gained 2 lbs since my last appointment 2 and a half weeks ago, which I thought was going to be a lot more with the holidays and all.. so i was happy about that. i guess a pound a week is recommended at this stage.

maternity clothes? yes. mixed in with regular clothes.

stretch marks? still just under my chest. nothing new from the last update. i keep waiting for them to pop up any minute though. i hear they literally happen overnight.

sleep: it’s actually been a little better. i may have to use 12 pillows and a body pillow but it works. i still get up to pee a million times but i feel like i am not in as much pain as far as my hips and back go. maybe i am just used to it though..

best moment this week: christmas was absolutely amazing. it’s been a great year. we feel really blessed. baby blue got really spoiled by everyone and i am so grateful!

miss anything? lately it has been really uncomfortable to bend over. it’s almost been impossible lately. i miss being able to do things with ease and not getting out of breath just by walking to the bathroom. i miss just feeling like myself. i don't feel like i look or act like myself and it's been rough. i also miss having more options of clothing. i feel like i wear the same thing everyday. i can't wait to be able to wear some of my old clothes again.

movement: a lot of big moves. i think he is running out of room though, so it has seemed to slow down a little.

food cravings: sugar cookies. i made some for a family party and wanted to eat them all myself. also little cuties and mint milk chocolate m&m’s.

anything making you queasy or sick: no not really.

labor signs: nothing really. no more labor and delivery episodes, so that is good.

symptoms: just feeling heavy and out of balance. i have had a really bad cold the past week or so and i think it has actually helped distract me from most pregnancy symptoms. i will say though, having a cold and being pregnant should be illegal. sneezing and coughing every few minutes with a very weak bladder? yeah not cool. let’s just say i had a few unfortunate moments that sean got to witness. plus there is not a whole lot you can do or take on top of already feeling completely exhausted.. i miss Nyquil!

belly button in or out? it’s weird. it is kind of in and kind of out. it’s flush with the rest of my stomach, if that makes sense. sometimes part of it sticks out. hard to explain.. one day the baby pushed it almost all the way out for a few seconds. it was creepy. but kind of neat.

wedding rings on or off? on still. sometimes i take it off though because my hands and feet swell a little bit sometimes if i get too hot. other times it is loose.

happy or moody most of the time: i think for the most part i have been happy the last few weeks.

looking forward to: i have some baby showers coming up! finally! and i can’t wait to meet this little boy in a month!

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i went to the doctor today and everything looks great. i no longer have protein in my urine and my blood pressure is still normal. my abdomen is measuring 34.5 cm. now i get to start going to the doctor every week and get my cervix checked when i do. wahoo! can’t wait for that! in case you couldn’t tell i am joking. i am really not looking forward to that, but it will be nice to see if i am progressing at all and get a better idea of when we get to meet our little guy! also, did i mention that my brother and his wife found out they are having a boy too?! i can’t wait! little blue and him will be best buds! sarah is just 17 weeks behind me! the other day my brother asked how big the baby was, since his wife’s baby is about the size of a sweet potato right now, and sean said, “well, he is the size of a baby!” it was pretty funny, but maybe you had to be there… haha. anyway, i can't believe how close we are! i am so excited to meet this little boy!!

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Staci T said...

i CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HIM EITHER! I love him so much already! and you:)

The Lewicutt's said...

You.look.amazing!!!! Seriously. And if it makes you feel better... I pee myself all the time. lol.

mama boss said...

You're so close! Ah! So exciting! Again, you're seriously the cutest pregnant woman ever. :)

Tara Long said...

I look forward to your baby updates. :) And seriously, if I looked even as half as good as you pregnant, I'd have like ten more babies! Lol. Kidding. I don't want that many kids. But I'm not kidding about how AMAZING you look. But I totally understand how you are feeling about how you don't feel like yourself and are tired of the same clothes and want your body back, etc. the good news is you kinda forget about all that. I have had pretty "easy" pregnancies, but I still HATE being pregnant, just because of all the things you mentioned. Ugh! Lol. But it's SO worth it of course.
I can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby in a few weeks!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Haha unfortunately, peeing yourself doesn't stop after the baby comes. Kegels will be your new best friend :) And I agree, you look great!

Matt said...

I can hardly wait

Matt said...

I can hardly wait