Wednesday, November 7, 2012

28 weeks.. almost.

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how far along? 28 weeks. okay almost. i am leaving town soon so i am doing this early. technically i'll be 28 weeks on friday. and you could say i am in my 28th week. do you like how this post is about being 28 weeks and i don't even have a 28 week picture yet? i'll add a 28 week picture later. there is probably not much difference from week to week, but i promised myself i would document this pregnancy the best that i could even though i hate taking pictures of myself. i never got to see what my mom looked like pregnant and it always made me a little sad! that bare belly picture is 27 weeks. i never thought i would show off my bare belly but i think that it looks a lot different with no clothes on it. it's also probably the last time it won't have stretch marks all over it so i might as well document it. also, THIRD TRIMESTER?? wow.
total weight gain: 15-16 lbs so far. i swear half of that is in my chest.
maternity clothes? yes. still wearing them. i need to get me some maternity shirts. even though my regular shirts still fit me.. they don't look right. it's hard to explain but the seam that goes down the sides just looks better if it's towards the back or actually on the side of you.. not towards the front.
stretch marks? i finally discovered some underneath my lady lumps. :( to be honest i shouldn't be surprised though with how much they have grown. i think that has been the worst part of all of this.
sleep: waking up 3 or 4 times a night to go to the bathroom but overall i am sleeping well. the pillows help.
best moment this week: passing my glucose test! wahoo! i don't know why i was nervous. i eat so much sugar that i think my body is so used to it anyway. you are supposed to be under 140 and i got a 107. they also did an iron test and you need to be above 11 or something and i got a 12. i was glad to see i was on track!
miss anything? still my old chest haha. honestly, the big belly hasn't bothered me at all. it's the ladies. i hate them. i seriously do. sorry dad, you probably don't want to hear about this. they are what is making me feel huge though. they make it hard to fit in shirts.. i feel like they weigh my down. am i the only one who feels this way? i know they are going to get bigger and worse before they go down.. but i honestly can't wait until they go down (if they ever do). i wouldn't say that i was smaller chested before i got pregnant.. but i was happy with my size. this is just out of control. and they hurt. so what is the fun in all this? sean, you can't comment on this. haha.
movement: tons. there was a day last week i didn't feel him that much and i started to panic. he made up for it the next day though. his moves are getting more frequent and more intense. i also think he might not be breach anymore because i am now finally feeling kicks up high. they could be punches though so i could be wrong. i have no clue how he is positioned though and he probably moves all the time.
food cravings: still donuts, and hot chocolate. but i like those even when i am not pregnant. cheeseburgers have become a new thing these past few weeks. i love them now more than ever.
anything making you queasy or sick: i am feeling much better in this category. i haven't thrown up in a while and i don't gag anymore when brushing my teeth so that is good!
gender: boy
labor signs: nope. i am getting braxton hicks now though!
symptoms: i have heartburn 24/7. i have been taking zantac but at my last appointment my dr. said i could take that along with prevacid or prilosec so i am going to try's just expensive haha. oh and my hips ache and i am starting to waddle a little because my balance is off.. it's getting harder to bend over and pick up things and get out of bed. i wouldn't say it's terrible though. just something i have noticed this past week. also, my eyelashes have grown back for the most part so i am happy! i know it's normal for eyelashes to fall out every 6 weeks and re-grow and i think maybe when mine go through that cycle it has just been a little slower this pregnancy so they look short for a while but it's good to see they have somewhat caught up!
belly button in or out? in.. but i don't know for how much longer haha.
wedding rings on or off? off.... but only because i had another diamond fall out and it is getting repaired right now. seriously?!? this is the 2nd time in 3 months. so glad we got a warranty. they said if it keeps happening they might have to replace it.. but they really think it's just a coincidence. i guess i can be hard on my hands though.. and on the bright side i will get a freshly clean, re-dipped ring back. anyway. the ring still fits great...
happy or moody most of the time: i think i've been pretty happy this past month. of course i have my moments still.
looking forward to: meeting this baby in 12 more weeks! ahh!

my 28 week appointment went great this week! my blood pressure was still normal. i did have a trace of protein in my urine, but i guess it wasn't enough to be alarmed about. if my blood pressure was high along with that then it could be a concern but it wasn't. put on 4-5 more pounds. i honestly thought it was going to closer to 10 because of how i have been feeling so i was a little shocked. also, i always have to drink a whole water bottle before i go in so they can collect my urine and i also had the glucose drink in me so that could have affected the numbers a little. this whole weight gain thing is still weird to me but i only have 12 weeks left of it. my next appointment will be in 3 weeks and then i will start going every 2 weeks after that. we are also going to get signed up to take the labor classes at the hospital. this is all happening so fast!

baby is over 2 lbs now! crazy! he could be born now and have a really good chance of surviving! not that i want him to come early, but it's nice to know he would probably be okay if he did. i was telling sean the other day how grateful i am to be pregnant. it really is a neat thing. that being said, i wouldn't say i was one of those people who absolutely enjoyed and felt their best and most beautiful while being pregnant. not even close. he always reminds me though how beautiful of a journey this is and that i need to embrace it. so i am really trying. getting to feel him kick and move really helps remind me of how neat this all is.

oh guess what? baby blue is going to have a little cousin come along 4 months after him! my brother sam and his wife sarah are expecting their first as well! my parents will get their first 2 grand babies in 2013! we are so excited and happy for them! i was worried that baby boy wouldn't have too many cousins close to his age, so this is awesome!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet little Blue. You are going to be an amazing mother! :) <3

stuartandbrittney said...

Ah, you are such a cute pregnant lady. I did not gain weight so cutely while pregnant. Also, the boobs are the literal worst. I hated them so much. I don't know why women get boob jobs because big boobs suck. I was so happy when they went back down.

mama boss said...

Ah, the boobies.. ;) I love how you told Sean he couldn't comment on them. haha. The boys love it, but it really isn't all that pleasant.
Even though it didn't always work for me, I want to mention papaya enzymes for heartburn (you can get them at whole foods). I don't think it's as expensive as prevacid or prilosec, so maybe worth a try?
Your belly is so cute. :) Can't believe how far along you are, though! Time sure flies! And hooray for more babies! Always awesome to have cousins close in age :)

Kim said...

You are such a cute pregnant girl!! I agree the boobs are awful! Mine weren't small to begin with, and now, let's just say, "My cup runneth over!!" Eek!! I love that once you are/have been pregnant all topics are fair game. :)

Dan+Alli said...

Haha, you crack me up about the "lady lumps"! I feel the exact same. Just wait until after you have the baby and your milk comes in and they are ginormous. I hated them and do not understand at ALL why people get implants...crazy talk!