Wednesday, April 18, 2012

picture overload.


it's been a week or so since i last posted and i realized that i am getting behind. not that a week is that long. but i had a lot of pictures to post! i need to stay on top of it. sean and i both got new phones with much better camera's than our olds ones so taking pictures has become somewhat of an obsession. and i am starting to really enjoy instagram and tumblr more than blogging! i know that is sad. i decided though that i still want to have all these pictures on my blog so there are like a bajillion pictures and here is a brief summary of what we have been up to the past week! sorry if you already knew all this from instagram! :)

-lunches and hooping at the park
-eating ice cream. and nachos. lots of nachos. also, cream cheese chicken chili and cookies. we are so healthy. can i tell you how excited i am for snow cone season? summer sno is my favorite.
-a bird flew into our window and our dog walker and i tried to feed him. he was okay but didn't eat the food. his loss i guess. he was cute though! or was it a she? hmmm.
-dinner at texas road house. sean and i matched.
-ran into my uncles at bajio. one is my dad's brother and one is my mom's brother. they are best friends. pretty cool eh? also one lives in canada and coaches for the CFL, so it was a nice surprise to see him!
-softball started! i am on a women's team and we are on a co-ed team.
-i went to youth conference up in logan and bear lake. it was BEAUTIFUL. we went on an incredible hike and stayed in a 9,000 square foot cabin with a beautiful view of the lake. it was so fun. sean couldn't make it up because he had too many tests to take.
-and that is another thing.. sean is practically done with school. like so close i am about to scream as loud as i can at the top of my lungs that he is done! but he says i can't officially do that until tuesday when he will know if he has to take one more final. apparently if he does really well on a paper that he just turned in, then he might not have to. i can't even tell you how happy i have been. sean has been going to school non-stop since we got married. he even did summer school. i don't really know what it is like to not have a husband working and going to school full time. i can't wait until i get to see him! since we stopped working at the same place, we rarely get to see each other. it does make me appreciate more the time that we do get to go to lunch together or see each other!
-sean graduates next friday! ahhhhhh! like as in less than 10 days. so proud of him. i have a graduation present up my sleeve for him. let's hope it works out!
-my friend lee had a birthday! we had a bonfire and had delicious lemon cake in my parents backyard. it was way fun!

well that is all for now! i will try to post more regularly so i don't have to overload these posts with pictures all at once. but at the rate that i am taking pictures? who knows. sigh. i love instagram. and i love the camera on this phone! which is sad because the digital camera i have is really nice. i have got to try to use that one too still! hope you are all well! :)


Maddie said...

Ooh, looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with those leggings. I think I need to get a pair :)

mama boss said...

Ok, let's see... You guys are awesome, and Moses is adorable, and those tights are really freaking cool, and I want a cookie. Oh, and thanks for updating the blog, if only for the me...the only person on the planet not doing instagram. ;)

Staci T said...

Beautiful life......

Staci T said...

Beautiful life.....

Rhianne said...

I'm still so excited that we have instagram now, I'm loving it too and your tumblr looks great with your photos too, great idea!

Lee S. said...

Love the tights...So cute! and Moe? Continues to be my favorite <3

Jaclyn said...

that phone case is so rockin!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

thanks for the heads up about photobucket! i'll have to check it up!