Saturday, March 10, 2012

the weekend.


so far this weekend has consisted of:

-staying in and ordering pizza on friday night. it was a busy week.
-catching up on all our shows.
-i finally got sean to watch modern family. he loved it. victory!
-lots of sleeping {for me mostly...}
-moses hurt his paw and it keeps bleeding. we might have to pull out the cone of shame again :(
-sean took his senior exam this morning. passed it!
-he went shooting with brandon {his cousin's husband}. got to try out his new shotgun finally.
-i slept in.
-cleaned the house.
-watched a movie on tv.
-started working on the lesson i have to teach in YW next sunday.
-hung out with moses.
-tried curling/waving my new, lighter, 5 inch shorter hair. which no one has really noticed. {i expected that though} except for my 12 year old dog walker. amazing i tell ya.. amazing.
-my parents brought over a fire pit for us! {sean's birthday gift} not that they were late, they were trying to find the right one. thanks mom and dad!
-sean and i went out to dinner to pre-celebrate our 3rd anniversary. it's actually on tuesday, but in my head i was planning on celebrating this weekend because i thought he had school til 9 on tuesday night and he is going to california for work next weekend. turns out it is spring break so he has no school next week. we might still do something that night. we will see! tonight went to our favorite place. ruby river! mmmm. it feels good to be able to eat real meals again. my throat is still a little sore. especially in the mornings. it was really hard for a while though because i had this hole in my mouth back by my uvula from the surgery. it was making it harder to eat. the dr. finally decided to cut it because it was really painful. after losing like 6lbs from the tonsil thing and the pain from eating i went all out tonight. i was not afraid to get cheese fries, loaded yams with caramel and marshmallow, an 8 oz sirloin and my favorite.. sourdough bread. i'm sure i gained it all back tonight. oh well! it was worth it.
-they gave us free dessert for our anniversary. score!
-we decided to walk around the mall after dinner.
-sean got a new shirt.
-then we decided to go see a movie. the only one playing right then was project x. let's just say it completely stressed me out and gave me an anxiety attack. is this how people who hate scary movies feel?? i would have rather been in a scary movie. but sean hates those...

it's been a good weekend so far. except we lose an hour of sleep tonight. boo!


emily+brett said...

ruby river's potatoes are the best!! whoever thought to deep fry those puppies was a genius!! your a beauty!

Kaylynn Zoe said...

You are gorgeous! Love the hair - did you add color?

Tara Long said...

SOunds like a good weekend to me! :) I noticed your hair was shorter before I read it, if that counts... (it looks great! You are so pretty!) No one ever notices when I change my hair either. Which is fine. But it did surprise me the time I went from hair half down my back to hair just above my shoulders....and not a person noticed! I cut off like ten-12 inches. Oh well. People are funny.

Kell said...

Happy almost 3 year anniversary! That food looks so delicious. And now I"m curious to know what Project X is about.

Maddie said...

You look so pretty Chlo!! Sad you went to Ruby River without me tho... but I forgive you. Also, I kinda loved Project X ... Though not sure why. Happy Anniversary!

Brandon and AJ said...

Be sure to tell that husband of yours that I had an awesome time shooting on Saturday, and that I want to do it again soon. Thanks for letting him come. I was going to see if he wanted to go again this Saturday, but I see that he'll be out of town.

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

I am actually quite proud of myself for noticing your hair (in the picture not in person obviously). You are freaking gorgeous and I hate you. Ok I don't hate you but I want to hang out soon!! Call me anytime :) Glad you're feeling better too!

Amber Beck said...