Sunday, February 12, 2012

day 12 : inside your closet


hey. just being honest. and it's all me.
this picture doesn't even do it justice. it actually makes it look not that bad. in my opinion. 
sean's stuff is all hung up neatly and color coordinated/pattern coordinated/ long sleeve/short sleeve coordinated on the right side. also all his pants are folded neatly on the top shelf.
i won't even show you my top shelf. 
 my stuff is on the left side, straight ahead.....
..... and all over the floor.

apparently i will never learn. see our old closet here.
in my defense, sean seems to love putting it all back together eventually.
even if it takes him 5 hours. why would i ever deprive him of that?


Annie Kennedy said...

Haha! "Why would I ever deprive him of that?" Best! :)

Caroline said...

HAHA mine is crazy as well. :) Hugs sweet lady!!!!!

t. said...

That doesn't look bad to me. Then again, where I live, we don't have closets. We have wardrobes. So currently, I am cramming everything from my old walk in closet into a small wardrobe! Yikes.