Saturday, February 11, 2012

day 11: makes you happy


 sean and i both finally got on them yesterday. sean and i were on our own insurance policies through work when we worked at the same place. it was great and really cheap to be on our own but after 3 months on his new job, when he was eligible for benefits we decided to both get on the same plan at his work since they have amazing benefits for families. it's been kind of a mess though because we don't have our new insurance cards yet. in fact, our policy is still in underwriting so even though we are covered it has been a mess with all these dr. appointments we (mostly me) have had. hopefully it will all get sorted out soon. ugh. we felt absolutely awful last night. the antibiotics kicked in finally and we are feeling so much better than we were yesterday. antibiotics make me so happy. i can't tell you how happy i was to receive the phone call that i could finally go pick them up. we are twinsies. matching antibiotics and all. 

sinful 7 chocolate cake from zupas.
last night in the midst of our sick crazy haze we thought it would be a good idea for me to run and pick up some hot soup at zupas since we have no food in our house and my mom wasn't responding to my "emergency! we need you :( " texts. at this point sean had no voice and was communicating to me through pen and paper and i could barely speak so i volunteered to go. i forget we don't live in provo. we live in springville. and it was date night out on the town in provo last night and everyone was at zupas. i was jealous because everyone was all decked out adorable and probably going to go see the vow after and i was in my sweats, glasses, and a baseball cap on. trying not to cough on anyone. super attractive. i'm sure everyone was super jealous of me. i decided since i had to wait in such a long line and drove all the way there and couldn't go see the vow too that i was getting a slice of cake. i love that sinful 7 cake. it is amazing.

we looked in the fridge today and happened to have 3 eggs left and some bread. so sean made us toast and eggs to go with our matching antibiotics and chocolate cake. this is the life y'all!

p.s. sorry all i have talked about lately is being sick. i know it's getting old. it's consuming our household and i am sick of it! but thank you all for your kind words and thoughts! i know we could definitely have it much worse so i am grateful that we don't.


Staci T said...

I suck! I am so sorry but apparently my new thing is to let my phone die and sit in my purse for two days..... I will take amazing care of you today and if you are feeling better I will take you all to see the have diet dr. Pepper at my house:)

Staci T said...

I suck!apparently my new thing is it let my phone die and leave it in my purse for two days....I am so sorry but I will take amazing care of you today and if you are feeling better I will take you all to see the vow!!!! Plus, I have diet dr. Pepper at my house:)

mama boss said...

i am so sorry you have been so sick. being sick is the absolute worst. and you definitely deserved that very-delicious-looking cake! mmmm. glad you're starting to feel better. isn't modern medicine incredible? imagine how awful it must've been to live 200 years ago! :/

michael. mindy. dane. said...

that cake looks...a mazing! i need to try it. sorry you'r sick. glad the antibiotics are helping! mmmm. zupas...