Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i am trying to simplify my life. since last night's post i realized i talk too much. okay i lied. i already was aware. i'll still talk on here. probably a lot. but i am going to try to talk less sometimes and just use a picture and very few words. i tend to ramble and take way too long to explain things. i was inspired by the tumblr lila was here. which is amazing by the way. i love it. i have mad respect for her to just post one picture a day with very few words. that takes restraint and self control my friends.  and decisiveness. i could use them all that's for sure...



Anonymous said...

LOVE the new blog layout! :)

mama boss said...

When I look at your pictures of moses, I feel as though I'm looking at a great big teddy bear.
Love the new, simplified layout. :)