Monday, December 12, 2011

oooo look at me being domestic!

it's sean's last week of school before the semester is over. he has two more finals this week and will be done on wednesday night. i can't tell you how excited i am. oh i guess he is probably excited too. one more semester to go! ahhhh! usually on monday and wednesday nights sean doesn't get home until 8:30 or so. then he has tons of homework on top of that. well tonight he was home before i was! he doesn't have class this week. just finals.

well i thought since he was home i would make dinner while he was studying. this does not happen often. me cooking dinner. i mean unless you count cereal, ramen, and toast as making dinner. then yes. i make dinner all the freakin time. but it's getting hard to come up with a different type of toast every night. it'd also hard to cook every night when he isn't going to be home until late. yeah, yeah, maybe that makes me a bad wife but oh well. i work full time and have way too many tv show commitments. (priorities people!) he is usually too tired when he gets home anyway to really care what i cook. anyway since he was home i decided to make some spaghetti. i think sean almost had a heart attack. he must have thought i was sick or something because i was cooking. he says he doesn't care that i don't cook often. but why should i? he is the better cook. baking though? i love to bake. i love to bake cookies and treats probably a lot more than sean loves to eat the things i bake though. oh well. he is crazy. probably.

i saw some biscuits on pinterest that i wanted to try. they are supposed to be like those red lobster biscuits? well when i actually looked at the recipe i decided i was just going to make my own out of bisquick.  because i thought the recipe was made out of bisquick but these ones weren't and i was too tired to look for one with bisquick and had already bought the bisquick and also i am just trying to see how many times i can say bisquick in this post.

anyway, i had no clue what i was doing. just threw some stuff together but sean liked them so i will count it as a success! i only burned one finger in the process and it was my pinky and who needs that finger anyway. but eff it hurts like a mother. moving on. i will post the recipe below. just so that i don't forget it haha. feel free to try them. they were super easy! we spent the rest of night eating ice cream in bed while watching 2 broke girls and elf. it's been a good night. i sure like having him around...


i'll just call these 
"wanna-be red lobster cheesy biscuits but not quite there. yet" (cuz let's face it, that is the only reason i go to red lobster.. sean and i aren't fish people. they actually make a very mean creamy chicken fettuccine pasta thing... oh man. so good.)

what you will need for the biscuit part: (i say that like there is a non-biscuit part but there isn't)

2 1/4 cups bisquick
1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese. heck i can't lie i used more than that though.
1 clove of garlic minced... ish. remember i just kinda guessed.
1/2 teaspoon-ish salt
2/3 cup milk

mix all that together. if the batter is too runny add more bisquick. if it's too dry add more milk. should be kind of sticky but not runny or dry.

then i used an ice cream scoop and put onto a greased pan. it made 9 biscuits. put some extra cheese on the top and baked at 425F for 12 minutes or until golden brown.

meanwhile, i made a buttery topping:

3 tablespoons of butter
1/2 clove of garlic minced
dry parsley.. i probably did about 1/2 teaspoon.

(warning. this buttery stuff is yummy. i almost drank it but then immediately felt my cholesterol go up just looking at it so i refrained. i am slightly regretting that.)

melt that in the microwave.

when the biscuits are done you will pour the butter topping on top of the biscuits. i used a spoon. if i would have had a brush i would have brushed them on. then sprinkle some garlic salt on top.

anyway that is it! i thought they were pretty good for how easy they were and how i didn't really know what i was doing! just sort of made it up.. nothing beats red lobsters but oh well! sorry if you make these and they turn out awful! i am just posting this so i don't forget it.

p.s. one day i hope to write a post and make it short. sigh. it's like impossible to do. i know that people probably see lots of words on my posts and skim over them. i totally understand. i can't stop... typing!! i need to learn how to simplify. it's why i have that word on a sign in my kitchen. yet it's not helping me... aren't those signs and quotes supposed to help just by being there??!? well they don't. they freaking don't. anyway. working on it.....

p.s.s. oh crap here i go again. anyway, besides my blog posts being ridiculously long.. at our work party the other night i decided to bring sean. he doesn't work there anymore but i thought what the hay.. i'll bring him. also you could bring your spouses but that is besides the point. anyway we did a trivia game thing with all the employees and everyone had to submit a fact about themselves that people might not know. well since sean used to work there he looked at the sheet and tried to guess which one was mine. guess what he said? "i think it's this one. because it's the longest." WHA?!??? he was wrong. but then he found the 2nd longest one and it was mine. shoot. i suck.

p.s.s.s. my trivia thing was that i committed a federal crime. when i was 5. i'm such a bad a.......


Staci T said...

I sometimes think I should have been a better mother and taught you how to cook a few things besides treats and then then I read a post like this and find out how passionate you are about toast and my heart just swells. I've never been more proud....I love toast too!!! We rock!!!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

chloe. i loved this post. the biscuts sound awesome and i want to make them. i forgot that i saw a commercial for two broke girls and need to watch it. good thing, too, because every freaking show we watch is over until january and we need something to watch. anyway. i love bisquick, so i'm sure the biscuts are awesome. and the spaghetti looks good. and we might have that for dinner. only not really because i already got out meat to make philly sandwiches. but tomorrow? yes. maybe.

Michele said...

You go Domestic Godess! Enjoy your hubby being home for a few weeks. You guys are almost there!!!!

t. said...

ha! this post was great! sounds like you guys had a lovely dinner. :)