Thursday, December 1, 2011

sean's new ring.


haha maybe this is a silly thing to be blogging about.. but this is sean's new wedding ring on my thumb. he has lost his original wedding ring before.. usually he leaves it all over the place and i sometimes hide it to freak him out a little bit... you know. make him sweat a little. this time though.. we can't find it anywhere. luckily the original was only $60. we just went back to the website we got that one at and got this one for $50. free shipping. and i ordered it on monday.. and it got here wednesday. they told me it would be 7 days. how cool is that?

this ring is much different than his other ring. i wanted to get him something totally different in case the other one turns up. then he can pick which one he wants to wear.. don't you think maybe i should get another one too? just to be fair? ha... totally kidding. anyway, this one is titanium and so much lighter. his other one was black tungsten and had 2 silver stripes in it. he likes them both! but then again he would probably like anything.

it's so unromantic shopping for a men's ring. (at least for us. we aren't the most romantic pair. we pretend to try sometimes but usually just end up laughing hysterically) anyway, it's like:

"hey which one do you like?"
"eh. i dunno. that one works."
"ya sure?"
"cool. done."

bam we have it 2 days later.

also missing: our checkbook and my glasses case... sigh. we are ridiculous.


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Nice ring! haha hope your checkbook and glasses case turn up!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

it is absolutely unromantic! we need to look at details, try it all on and imagine ourselves walking with it, wearing it with what outfit, etc etc...and guys?! lol just as you described it. easy maybe, but very unromantic.